Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sofiah's 1 Month

This is actually a really late post, coz i don't have the time to blog, as much as before. Right now, Sofiah is actually 1 month & 3 weeks, but i just wanna do a post up for her, coz she has pass the 1 month mark.

She's been growing really rapidly, from her smile, to kicking her legs and moving her limbs, and now she's even responding whenever we talk to her (that is if she's in the mood to play & talk).

The first month, was pretty exhausting, as i would need to feed her every 2 hours. On her 5th day, when the nurses from the clinic came to check on her, they notice that she had Jaundice.That was when the hubby and i had to take her to the clinic to check her Jaundice count. It was pretty high, but not too serious to be admitted yet.

On the 10th day, we tried to feed her with formula milk, but i guess she doesn't agree with it, coz she vomited out the whole thing. After 2 hours, i breast feed her and notice she vomited again, as parents we got a lil worried and brought her to GH. Both Sofiah and i had to be admitted for 2 days. She was put under the UV light for a few hours, which she didn't like at all. The next morning, after her bath, the nurses will take the weight of the baby, that was when i notice her weight dropped a little. The specialist insisted that we stay another day, coz she was only 11 days old, and her weight dropped a little.

So the hubby had to go to and fro, from home to the hospital and i know it was quite exhausting for him. Thankfully her jaundice level dropped and she gained a few kg, that was the green light for us to discharge.

A baby's health is always a concern to the parents, for they are very fragile beings that are easy to get sick. While i was in the ward, i notice this baby was in a huge incubator, i asked the mum... and i got to know that the baby boy is only 25 days old, and his in the incubator b'coz he was infected with chest cold from his big brother (who happens to be 3). And it's such a pity, coz you can't actually carry your baby in your arms... so parents out there, just beware with all the lil sickness that is going around. Something that is so small to us, could be a big thing for our lil one.

Grandma with her


Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Arrival of Sofiah Zakirah Fong


I'm sure as most of you would know, my lil daughter was delivered on 02/07/2010 @ Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

The whole event begin, when i was about to go to sleep at about 2 something in the morning. Earlier, i was joking with my hubby that there's only 10 days more for him to sleep on the bed, after that he would need to sleep on the floor, coz i was going to co-share with my lil one.

At 2.30am, i felt a hard 'thud' inside the womb, and begin to get worried... i begin to tap my tummy, in order to get a response from baby, but she only moved a little. Than i decided to sit upright, that was when i felt a slight gush of liquid. Got up the bed, and notice it was a clear liquid, later on, water and a lil blood started flowing bit by bit. That was when i realise, my water had broke. The hubby, immediately got ready, took our emergency bag along with the pink book. Woke up my mom-in-law, got some towels to sit on (so that i don't wet the car seat) and 3 of us headed to the hospital.

Reached the hospital at about 2.50am, and had to immediately register myself. Did a quick urine test and a vaginal examination and found out that my cervix has dilated 2cm. When i reached the ward, i was instructed to go into a room and was strap on with a monitor, that monitors my contractions and baby's heart beat. By than i was already having light contractions, every 10 minutes.

After going through the test for almost 15 minutes, i headed straight to bed and rest for a while. Called mom and informed her about the whole situation, by than hubby was already heading home with mom-in-law (coz ppl used to say the 1st child might take a longer time to deliver).

Anyway, the pain was getting more intense and more frequent. That was when the sis-in-law called (which was approximately about 6 something in the morning), and she advised if i was having frequent, heavy contractions, i should go inform the nurse, rather than wait for them to come and check me, coz if i don't, i might end up delivering on my own bed.

So, i headed straight to the counter and informed the nurse in charged and she told me to go back into the room for a vaginal examination. This time she said my cervix could have dilated to 5-6cm, she called a doctor and he confirmed it. I was immediately instructed to get baby's clothes and lay down on the bed, so that i could be pushed to the labor room. Alhamdullilah, i went for antenatal class, so i was able to imply the breathing techniques through out the whole ordeal.

Was at the labor room at about 7am in the morning, called the hubby earlier to inform him on my updates, and he immediately left home for the hospital. (HKL actually allows husbands to be with their wife's in the labor room). By 7.30am, i was having very strong contractions, and informed the doctor that i couldn't stand the pain, that was when she did another vaginal examination and informed me that my cervix has already dilated to 8cm. Quickly, gave a call to hubby to check his where abouts, and at that moment he was stuck in a jam in Sentul.

Through out the period from 2.30am till the labor room, i was busy doing 'zikir' (praising Allah s.w.t) and also reciting the 4 Kuls (Surah Al-Ikhlas, An-Nas, Al-Falaq & Al-Kafiroon) and also Ayatul Kursi (Prayer for Protection). Was mentally telling the baby to hold on, till the hubby comes, and i'm happy that he manage to arrive on time. While waiting for his arrival, i was asking the doctor whether i could have some pain relief, and b'coz i was dilating at a high speed, the only pain relief they could give me was Morphine Gas, coz it was to late for Epidural (it doesn't work if the cervix has dilated more than 5-6cm). The room was basically cold and i requested for a blanket to keep me warm.

A few minutes after hubby arrived, i begin to feel the urge of going to toilet and passing motion. Guess what that's the cue that it was time for me to go through labor. By than, the room was slowly filled with 2 doctors, and i think 8 maidens. They were basically what you call your cheer leading team. They were cheering, along with the hubby, so that i'll be motivated to push the baby. The first two tries, i did the technique wrongly, coz it seems i was pushing using my face, rather than my abdomen. So i tried the technique they instructed me, which was basically taking in deep air and push with the abdomen, and in between taking little, little breaths (this should be done, whenever i feel that the contraction was about to come).

In total, the feeling of pushing the baby, was basically as though your having constipation and your trying to shit really badly. Before that, i do have to note, that i told hubby to level up the bed (as told during the antenatal class), so that my body was positioned at a level of 45 degrees and my both hands was able to grab my ankles. Was pushing and pushing till i started sweating, and the hubby got a wet tissue to wipe my sweat of my forehead. In the middle of the delivery, the maidens actually told the hubby that the head is appearing at the entrance, and he confirmed it, one of them than asked me, whether i would like to touch and feel it, and when i did, my eyes was totally in shocked. That motivated me even more to deliver her as soon as possible.

After going through an ordeal of almost 45 minutes - 1 hour, the lil one was delivered. She was then showed to the hubby and was asked "Look carefully is it a boy or a girl?" asked the maiden and b'coz he was such in a daze with the whole situation he said "It's a boy" (this was b'coz when we went for our monthly checkup and ultra scan, we thought we saw testicles, but i guess sometimes it maybe wrong). "Look carefully, it's a girl" said the maiden... i was in total awe to, coz i thought it was a boy, till i saw my lil ones private part. She was than put on my chest, that was when i notice that my lil girl had really thick hair and her shoulders including her back was covered with hair. Her body was a lil blue, but i didn't know why, till later on at nite, when the hubby told me that the un-bilical cord was actually strap around her neck, and the nurses removed it.

She was than taken to be freshen up, while i had to recite the Salawat Nabi coz they were going to remove my placenta. At that moment, i had the total relief that everything was done, and i was pretty exhausted with the whole event. Next process, was they had to make sure that my womb is totally clean from any blood clot, after that, they had to stitch me up, coz they did an episiotomy (which basically means, they do a lil cut so that the baby's head is able to pass through the vagina. The whole process took an additional hour or so.

Once complete, a nurse brought the lil one to me, and told me to start breast feeding. After 5 minute or so, another nurse return, to inform me that they'll be transferring me back to the ward. By the time i was pushed back to the ward, it was almost 10 something in the morning. I was resting on my bed, while baby was in her bassinet. The hubby was around for a while, till a police officer came to inform him that he can't stay too long. He basically had to wait downstairs till it was visiting hours.

Alhamdullilah to Allah s.w.t for answering my prayers, i've always asked from him, to make the delivery easy and safe for me, and i'm glad the prayer was answered. I can't thank him enough, for making it easy for me. There are people out there who normally go through pain for almost more than 24 hours, and sometimes they end up loosing their energy, coz they have to endure the constant pain caused by the contractions.

For those who are expectant mothers or fathers, i wish you all good luck and may Allah s.w.t have mercy upon the two of you, and insyallah everything goes well. For others who are in the midst of planning to have a child, i can never explain to you, the joy of being one, to be able to bear your child for 9 months and than being able to hold them at last in your arms, is just a feeling that nothing can compare. So let us give thanks & praise to Allah s.w.t for blessing us with a wonderful bundle of joy. Amin...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Braxton Hicks


I'm sure most of you, who have not gone through pregnancy yourself, would not understand the term Braxton Hicks. Basically Braxton Hicks is a term used, for false alarm... more like fake contractions. It basically helps the body to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

Anyway's that's just some information for u guys out there. Well, today i've realised that i've been experiencing my womb 'hardening'... basically your whole tummy feels like it's harden for a few minutes, than it goes off... but it's not a very pleasing feeling. I'm not sure whether i should categorize it, as whether i'm experiencing Braxton Hicks.. but insyallah when i go to the Government Clinic tomorrow, i may get a better picture from the nurses there.

By the way, baby's due date is only less than 2 weeks away, if i were to say that i'm not nervous or worried, than i'm absolutely lying. But the fact is i am, but i'm trying to distract myself from thinking that way, coz it's not helping at all.

Had a chat with one of my college mates the other day 'Tiesha', and she had her baby boy last December, and his teething now, which is so cute to know that his progressing so well and she's being such a wonderful mom. Well, she's been really helpful with me and my pregnancy, constantly giving me advice and tips, and when i told her that i was nervous and anxious. She immediately told me not to think that way constantly, coz afraid that baby might 'poop' while his still in the womb, which is not a good thing, since it's suppose to be their first 'poop' out in the new world.

So, i'm hope-ing for the best... i'm constantly reminding myself that i should not worry and i should just leave it to Allah s.w.t, coz he is the best of all planners, and he knows what's best for us.

Hubby, got a little anxious when i told him how i've been feeling today, and this 'hardening' thing did happen just now, a few hours after dinner. I told him to use his hands to feel the womb all 'hardened' and he got a lil panicked, and was asking whether should he call the doctor, and i said it won't be necessary, since the only symptoms that we should have before heading straight to the hospital is, when u have a 'show' (basically blood stains), water bag burst, and lastly contractions...

So i hope and pray everything will go well and smoothly.... till than


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!


As we all are aware today is the day we commemorate Father's Day. So, since the baby is still in my womb, i'm not sure whether the hubby is qualified to hear the wish from me, but i just did so, so that he doesn't feel so left out... ^_^.

Anyway, since nobody informed me, that there was going to be a lunch family gathering on my side of the family... yup was totally left out, but that's ok, coz i had other errands to do today, which was pretty exhausting. Decided not to call or sms my dad and wish him, since i feel that a personal gesture, face to face is more mutual. Anyway, before heading over to my parents place, we stop by Watson and got a box of Ferrero Rocher for Dad... (just like the one below)

Called mom, and she mentioned that dad was out. Thankfully 15 minutes after we reached my parents house, dad came back, wished him, and gave him the box of chocolates.

By 6 something we were heading home, coz we were suppose to go out for dinner, since Father's Day coincides with Koko's (brother-in-law) birthday. We had to crack our heads, since there's change with the venue, and decided to head to Old Town White Coffee, which was situated nearby TESCO Selayang.

The food was superb, it was even reasonable with the amount of food and drinks we ordered, though they were just drinking water, not forgetting ice cream for Farhana (the niece) as usual. Lil niece, Zareen was just sleeping through out the dinner, which was pretty interesthing, since she does occasional wakes up if the place is too noisy, but i guess due to the atmosphere, with the weather not being too hot or too cold, and the lights were deemed, plus they were playing light music for the background, i guess that's why she was so sound asleep.

All and all it was a great day, ended the night playing with lil niece, she's trying to 'koo' and talk now, whenever u talk to her, which is really cute. Can't wait for my lil son to arrive, his been pretty naughty lately, especially when i stay up to late in the wee hours of the morning. He will jab me at the oddest place anyone can think, even the bone areas, so sometimes it's not that comfortable, and at other times, it's kinda painful. Though we're not doing anything, and the baby moves like a hundred over times in the womb, it does suck our energy. How ???, even i don't know... that is why Allah is so great. From something that is so minute, that can only be seen through a microscope, we're formed slowly in our mother's womb and slowly grown as an adult. Hmmm... amazing when you think about it.

Well i guess that's all for now, gonna hit the sacks now. The hubby has been dozzing off well earlier than me... till than


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Irwan's wedding (Karen's Son)


Got a call about a month ago from Karen (my ex-collague from CMA) and she invited me for her son's wedding. So the reception was held today all the way in Shah Alam @ this place called Muzium Alam Shah. Was amazed that even Muzium's had halls to be booked for functions, that's a first time for me.

Anyway, we left the house only at 2pm, and manage to arrive there at 3 something. The reception agenda, starts from 12.30pm, so by the time we got there, everyone was starting to leave. Didn't manage to meet all my ex-colleagues, but i'm glad that i'm able to bump into some of them, who stayed on a lil longer.

As usual, i can't help being a shutter-bug, and as always the hubby get's a lil agitated when i start snapping here & there, even though with me being pregnant and all, i guess things like this doesn't hinder the passion burning in you. I just miss photography, and i wish i brought my SLR (which is currently with the lil sis now).. coz the Digi cam doesn't seem to give a satisfaction result. So below, are the results....

That's all for now, didn't manage to get a picture with the newly weds, still waiting for them to upload the pictures, so insyallah there'll be a picture of them soon. Till than....


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Malini's Graduation day


As promised, i will be sharing some of the experience i had during the journey and when we're at the venue for Mal's graduation.

You see, Mal is actually a close friend of mine back in High School, we both got to know each other when we were in form 3, coz we were in the same class. She was transfered to my school, and as we get to know each other, we became close friends. I even remembered that i sat in front of her during PMR test, since both our names, starts with the initial 'M'.

Anyway, she scored quite well in her PMR, and we soon end up in a different class, coz she wanted to go to Science stream, while i went into Art Stream. Well, eventhough we didn't end up in the same class, we somehow manage to do activities together, and i mean dancing. If you were to asked any of my high school friends, a lot of them will tell you that we were both, including the other girls are pretty active with performance during our schooling days.

Anyway, i better stop blabbering about the past, below are the graduation pictures:-

Malini & Me

Malini & her sis (Chitra)

The Beautiful Mural @ the entrance of PWTC

Sharmila & Me

That's Hema in Turqoise

Anyway, to keep it short and simple, Sharmila came to fetch me at 2pm, with both Hema and Chitra (Malini's youngest sis) in the car. It was already too late to go to Petaling Street to purchase a bouquet of flowers for Mal's graduation, since Mal called Sharmila to inform her that she needs her youngest sis for a family portrait. So we thought will drop by @ the florist @ The Mall after we park the car, but guess what even the florist over there, knew that there was graduation going on in PWTC, they were selling 12 stalks of roses for RM90... so we thought forget about it.

Alhamdullilah, Mal's bf Vicky brought a bouquet of flowers for her, so we didn't feel to bad for not getting her one. All and all it was a good experience, i have concern friends along the way, always watching my every step, since i'm pregnant with the baby... hehehe. Anyway we had late lunch at Uma Rani... as usual... Banana Leaf Rice... how can we not resist that, but sadly my favourite vegetable had finished earlier on, and there were no more refills for it... sigh. Better luck next time.... Congrats to Malini for her achievements, and hope that she'll be a successful person in the working world. She is after all working already... hehehe... till than


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 100th Post


Wow, i can't believe this is my 100th post in this blog. Well whatever it is, it's just gonna be a brief one. Within 2 weeks so many things has happen, Adam's uncle from Malacca, past away on the 30th of May, that's like basically 8 months after Papa's (father-in-law) death. The funeral was held the next day (31/05), and his body was cremated. He died due a heart attacked.

Yesterday, decided to attend one of my best friends convocation in PWTC. Though we were there after it ended, as usual when there's Sharmila there, there'll be loads of picture taking. I was pulled along for it, and we had banana leaf rice in Umarani for our lunch at about 5.30pm. Congratulations!!!!! to Malini on her graduation....

Anyway, will be posting a more detailed post about the graduation, along with some photos. Guess that's all for now... till than


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Attacked on Mission to Gaza


I'm sure most of you have read or heard about what happen to those humanitarians who were on a mission to send a 10,000 ton worth of medical supplies to Gaza. It's so disturbing and sad to hear that these people were attacked in International Waters and they weren't even armed. Why were they attacked in the first place? and there were casualties, 8 of them are Turks, just b'coz they retaliate.

Navy blitz: An Israeli navy rubber boat (right) escorting a yacht from the Gaza-bound aid flotilla. with Israeli troops on board, as it enters the southern port of Ashdod yesterday. Israeli navy seals (inset) had earlier stormed one of the ships in a convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip against an Israeli blockade. — AFP

Is this the beginning of whatever that is being prophesied? Is this how Israel - Zionist would want to start a war with the believers? Well if it is, than i guess the believers are just waiting for the call now to go for Jihad. And i know people who are waiting for that now... and they are among my love ones. It's hard for us to see such a situation....

It's hard for us to watch videos on Youtube and watching our brothers and sisters in Gaza being harassed, bombed, tortured and killed every single day. Those who are ignorant, think that this video's are not real, but what do you know. If you believe in human rights, wouldn't you also have compassion upon this people who are harmless? Are they carrying bombs and guns around their bodies? they're just normal civilian's.

The next ship that is on a mission right now to Gaza are the ones boarding the Rachel Corrie, and there are 6 Malaysians who are on board. Insyallah, Allah s.w.t. will protect them on this mission, and Insyallah may the supplies reached the 100,000 Palestinians that are currently homeless. I asked that may Allah s.w.t grant this prayers, so that insyallah our brothers and sisters in Palestine will be able to get the help they need and hopefully those humanitarians will be able to reach their destination safe and sound. Amin.....

For now will just wait for the updates.... till than


Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Country's plan on stopping Subsidy


I'm sure, most of you are not too interested with the topic above, but since i've been staying at home, whenever i have my breakfast, i will have the daily STAR Newspaper right in front of me. So i've been keeping myself pretty updated with what's going on with our nation.

Few days back, there was an article at the front page of the STAR Newspaper, and sad to say, the country thinks that it's going to go bankrupt by 2019, if they don't cut down their subsidies. There will be price hike, for Petrol, Sugar, Flour and etc.... the next thing u know the nation will go bankrupt, why? b'coz there's no increase in INCOME!!!. So how would the government want to boost the country's economics, if the nation cannot afford to spend?

That's why, there was a short article today by a reporter from The Star, interviewing our ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, and i'm glad to say that i agree with what he has stated. He mentioned that though the subsidies has to be implemented gradually, the government also has to consider increasing the income of the nation. So do you think you'll agree with what he said? well i know i do.

For now, the best option to keep having a stable income for an individual, especially those with families, is to invest. What to invest? well i don't basically have any suggestions for now, but now would be the best time for most of us to start researching on things that are worth investing.

In the mean time, i hope that most of you all are well informed with the situation that''s going on in this country, and i hope you guys will start to take steps to prevent from any future difficulties in surviving in this country. All the best....

Till than

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Down Memory Lane


Was up last night till about 3am, realised that i've been sleeping pretty late, lately. Probably due to the pregnancy, and the best part baby doesn't sleeps, if i i don't sleep... so i can basically feel him move every now and than.

So, to spent my time... went online and realised how much i miss those days when i was so nuts with the SLR camera, snapping pictures and updating the blog every now and than with my new found toy. I than decided to check out the blogs i used to post since year 2008, and i notice that i actually went through a lot for the past 2 years and how emotional it all seems.

I'm not the kinda blogger that writes a little and post loads of picture, i find that my blog is a journal of how my life has been, and how detail i explained it at times, and i'm glad that i decided to approach my blog in that kinda way.

So it helps me bring back memories and that's when reality hits me, on where i am today. I'm glad that i made a huge decision in my life, to marry the man i love, to take the time to learn about the truth in Islam, to make the big step in life - which is getting married and now I'm glad to say that i'm expecting my lil boy, whom i'm beginning to love each and every day. I can't barely wait for him to arrive and hold him in my arms. Sigh....

I hope i will continue to document all the experience of my life in this blog and i hope in a way i get to spread the truth, and also share my experience in life with those who read my blog.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The new Mascot for 2012 Summer Paralympics


Hei guys, did you read the newspaper sometime last week in The Star's sports section? well guess what, below are the new mascots for 2012 Summer Paralympics. Notice that both the mascots has 1 eye? Ever wondered why? Do you think it's the plan of the Zionist/Illuminati?

File:London 2012 Mascots.png

Well it may be...

Have you ever heard about the Evil Eye? The Evil Eye, is somehow related to the coming of the Dajjal/The Great Deceiver. His left eye will be covered by thick film and the other will be protruding like a bulging out grape and his forehead will have the word 'kafir' (non-believer) on it.

"He will appear somewhere between Syria and Iraq, at which time Prophet Isa (known as Jesus in Christianity) will return and the Mahdi will come, the Dajjal will travel the whole world preaching his falsehood but will be unable to enter Mecca or Medina.[1]" (from wikipedia)

So do you guys get the picture? That maybe just maybe the Zionist are planning for something major in 2012, and this could be some signs of their plans? Well i guess will just have to wait and see, but let's not ignore it. Instead be steadfast in our religion, and when he does come - believe that there is only 1 God, and he does not have 1 eye.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End Of Days / Hari Kiamat


My understanding on the end of days, is pretty much what i have read and viewed in videos. Since the movie 2012 was released, everyone is getting paranoid whether the end of days will happen on that year... well guess what only Allah s.w.t knows best. The fact that there's so many predictions before this, including what happen in the year 2000 (any recollection??), people thought it was going to be Doom's day or something, but it didn't happen.

Anyway as Muslim's, we believe that there will be many signs, as mentioned by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. there'll be the appearance of the Dajjal (anti-christ/ the Great Deceiver), and the signs that he will emerge is basically when the Sea of Galilee dries up (Currently, the Sea of Galilee is slowly drying up, due to the fact that the Israelites are using it as their source of water & it hasn't been raining for the past 5 years - You can look out for it in Youtube). When he appears, there will be famine:-

1st day of Appearance = The time will pass by as though it's 1 year.
2nd day of Appearance = The time will pass by as though it's 1 month.
3rd day of Appearance = The time will pass by as though it's 1 week.
4th day of Appearance = The day will pass by like a normal day.

Than it will come a time where the 'Mahdi' or 'Mehdi' (which means the Guided One) will come and he will guide the 'ummah' (the people), so that we will not go wayward. It is mentioned in the Sunnah that the Dajjal will come to deviate people from the truth, by proclaiming that he is the prophet. The Zionist will think that he is bringing the Golden Age, but that will not happen.

Once the Mahdi has appeared, Jesus Christ (p.b.u.h) will return back to earth as how he was taken. Than he, the Mahdi and the Ummah will battle together against the the Dajjal & his army (his army is consist of the 'kafir's' aka the disbelievers, and Gog & Magog). Insyallah, by Allah s.w.t will, the Dajjal and his army will be defeated.

At this point of time, Makkah will be protected by Allah s.w.t, while Madinah will be protected by the angels. It's mentioned that when the Mahdi, Jesus Christ (p.b.u.h) & the Ummah march towards the battle, there will be an invisible shield upon them (i know it's kinda hard to imagine, but just try to picture the aliens in War of the Worlds, where they had invisible shields before they were defeated).

Anyway, lately the husband has been sharing with me some video's he found on YouTube, which basically explains that we're all currently living in a state of slavery - without realizing it. We're taking loans that actually has 'Riba' even though it's called an Islamic Loan and loads more.

I wish i could share more about this whole Zionist plan thing, along with the coming of the Dajjal and the Mehdi, but than i'm also afraid it might be too boring for u guys to read, so just watch out for short postings from me on things related to this. Till than....


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Antenatal Class in HUKM


Hubby and i decided to go for an Antenatal class, after getting advice from my friends who are new mum's. So got a recommendation from Tiesha to either check out Prince Court or HUKM. So, called both the hospitals to enquire about the classes. At last, we decided to go to HUKM, as it is more reasonable - the class was scheduled on the 22/5/2010 & it's only RM100 (for each couple).

So left the house an hour before the class started, which was scheduled at 8am, but when we were there we notice that the class was only gonna start at 8.50am... sigh... so we re-registered ourselves at the entrance... and got this goodie bags, which basically have magazines from Papa & Mama, Pureen sample products, leaflets/car sticker/folder/photo frame from Wyett, Antenatal manual book, our schedule for the day & etc.

The class basically covered everything about pregnancy to delivery, and we even had break every 2 hours - basically for tea time, & lunch.

First topic was about - Pain relief in Labour
An anaesthetic came to talk about Epidural and other forms of pain relief's used during labour. She even brought a sample of the wire used for the epidural, which basically is a thin plastic tube which is implanted into the spacing of your back bone, this will help reduce labor pain when we have heavy contractions.

Than there were other topics too... but the most interesting ones were vacination, breast feeding - which the head nurse really stress the importance, due to the beneficial values of a mother's milk to her child. They even demonstrated the exercise which is prescribed for pregnant women, including breathing techniques when we experience contractions and situations in the labour room.

All and all, it was a good experience, both Adam and I enjoyed the class and so did baby - coz he was busy moving and somersault in the womb... by the time we're done, i was exhausted due to his vigorous movement. By the time we reached home it was already 6.30pm, and i headed straight to bed for a nap... coz i was too tired... hehehe.

That's all for now... my next blog is gonna be interesting - coz i'll be touching something on Islam & signs that the end of days is drawing near... thanks to the hubby... ^_^

Till than ~salam~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

List of Aches & Pains of Pregnancy


Don't worry the title above is not to scare of potential Mothers-to-be... but more of a reminder for me, once i get my bundle of joy ^_^... I realize that when i started being pregnant, i had various kind of symptoms, aches and pains on certain occasion, and the normal nausea.

  1. Nausea started after about 2 months of pregnancy.
  2. Very choosy with the kind of food intake... sometimes fast food, yong tau foo, hot dog (1901), Mumtaj Naan &... etc.
  3. Nose tends to be more sensitive... i can't even smell garlic, onion, rice, 'parpu/dhal'
  4. Started eating a lot of sour tid bits... but notice that i can only stop my urge of vomiting if i take Butter Scotch sweets.
  5. Chocolates was a big 'NO'.. 'NO'... it somehow stops the urge.. but later on i'll just puke out of nowhere.
  6. The pills to stop the nausea, does work.. but than i'll feel sleepy after my meal, and when i do go to bed, my legs will start feeling very tired... that it just irritates me from sleeping.
  7. After about 5 months, i notice that i can't seat to long... coz than my coccyx bone will hurt.
  8. Notice that i'll have this bunch of lil capillary veins appearing on my upper thighs, buttocks, hips and about 8 months it starts appearing on the lower part of the abdomen.
  9. Need to remember to take meals, little by little.. coz if i eat with a full stomach, i tend to gag and puke a little (even now).
  10. Will tend to have aches on the hips... basically lower half of the body. This is when the spousal support comes in - for the massage.. it helps sooth the ache.
All and all.... i really appreciate that Adam's friends wife loan me this book called 'What To Expect When You're Expecting - New 4th Edition', written by Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel, publisher - Pocket Books.

I would really recommend this book for new mom's... as it is very interesting to read. They cover every single thing from the first month of pregnancy to the last month, delivery, post-partum and etc... I'm planning to purchase it soon.. coz our friend will be posted to the Philippines soon, and the whole family is moving there.

I guess that's all for now... till than


Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Outing/Photography Competition


Sometime in April, mom's friend pass to the lil sis a photography competition form & the theme was - lake, flowers & (i can't remember the last one). Anyway the dateline for the competition is end of this month.

So eventhough, i was heavily pregnant @ that moment, i still went out with her to the Orchid park & Lake Garden. This time the outing was a bit tough for me, coz baby was getting heavier, so i kinda get tired quite easily, can't walk as much as before.

Anyway, the lil sis came to fetch me @ home at about 9.30am. Decided to head to McDonalds nearby my place to get the breakfast meal. So i got myself the pancakes... sis didn''t want anything, coz she pack for herself egg sandwich.

By the time we left McD, it was 10am... drop by King's Confectionery for a while to get some pastries, in case we were hungry later on.

By the time we reached the Orchid park it was already 10.30am. Park the car over at the KL Bird Park (since the Orchid Garden is just directly opposite the bird park). Cross the road, and head straight to the counter, where we paid RM 1 for the entry... and started shooting.

It was my 1st time being there, but the sis has been there for her college assignment before.. so she knows the place quite well. After some snapping of pictures and exploring, we found this one place near the hibiscus garden, where they had this orchids, that were hanging (they were more like creepers) from the veranda. So sis and i decided to snap some pictures.. coz it looks like the orchids were floating in mid air.

And since there were many request from friends out there, on how i look like now with my belly protruding, decided to ask the sis to snap some. My legs were totally exhausted and i had to seat occasionally to get my energy back.

Next stop, we went to a section where all the Orchid Plant vendors were station, i was so tempted to purchase some, but decided not too. Coz i bought one a year ago... didn't know how to manage it, and the plant end up dying... so no excuse. By the time we left the place it was already 12.30pm.

Walk back to our car, stayed in the air con to cool us down... ate some chicken pie, that was purchased earlier... rest for about 10 minutes, than headed to Lake Gardens. Before that, we stopped over at this road side vendor near the National Mosque, and decided to grab some fried nuggets and more mineral water, since we were running out of water.

Reached the lake gardens at around 1 something. Drove right in it, and took a stroll and started scouting for nice scenery's. Decided to go to certain sections in the park, since i did go there a year ago during the Flower Fest. Notice one part of the garden where they have this huge trees with umbrella like branches & leaves... and decided to take some snap shot of it. Sis and i even explored the timer on our SLR and took some portrait pictures of ourselves (as you have notice on our FB).

Next stop, was the lake itself, b'coz they have this bridge.. that has an old english look. Sadly, there were no swans swimming @ that moment, and the sky wasn't blue enough to make the photos more dramatic. After an hour, i decided to call it a day, and the sis and i walked back to the car. Rest as per normal, headed to Uma Rani for lunch - had banana leaf rice... *nyum *nyum...

I didn't take any pictures of the food i ate, due to the fact that i'm un-able to upload photos from my mobile.... (need to figure out soon)... so the above was taken from Google Image.

Anyway, by the time i reach home it was almost 3.30pm... took a cold shower, ablution, prayed and took a nap.

So now, it's been weeks since the sis uploaded the pictures on her external drive. Did some minor editing here and there, since the competition rules & regulations are quite strict. The sis is putting me in charge of the editing, since she's to busy with her college assignments. So gonna work on that this week... since there's only 2 weeks left before the closing date, and we have to produce both soft & hard copy... so pray that everything's gonna turn out right. Insyallah...

Till than... Salam.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Multi-tasking or Easily Distracted


I guess when you have time in your hands, you tend to do things that you don't normally do on days that your busy. Well, since i've been home most of the time, and the blogger bug has strike me again, i try my best to blog as frequently as i can. I even find myself checking both my Yahoo Mail & Gmail, FB and Twitter almost every other day, except for weekends. That's when the hubby occupies the computer or we're out for some grocery shopping with the mother-in-law or visiting relatives.

Anyway, i'm suppose to work on my take-home test right now... which is actually pretty easy, since it's just a general thing, on what we expect from this subject or i can also write on what i have learned in the first class.

Anyway, i've started it mid-way... still thinking on how to expand it even more, though the lecturer only requested for a one page answer. ^_^.... yet i'm straying away blogging about it, trying to find Bubur Cha Cha recipe, coz i'm craving for it. And now that i've found it, hopefully i'm able to try it out this weekend.

By the way i realize that the lil one always squirms around whenever i start smelling any food. Coz he just did, while my mom-in-law cooks Maggie Mee. I guess, i'll be having that for lunch. ^_^.... till than...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Profile Names for Facebook


Just want to let out some disappointment over here. I don't get it why people don't use their original names as their profile name. I've been trying to trace back some friends that i used to know and hang out with during my schooling days, and i'm so glad that they used their original names instead of some funny nicknames.

At least i'm able to add this people back into my network, and i'm able to communicate with them after so long. I hope those out there who has been using anonymous names, please change it back to your original name... you never know who might be looking for you... after all the decision is in your hands, whether you want to accept this people or not as your friends. True?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day


This year mother's day was pretty normal... didn't do anything special, had breakfast with the hubby at home and than went to market as per-normal with Mama. Before that, we had to dropped her of at our nearest supermarket, while i head on to AVON. They had this special promotion on certain items specially for Mother's Day. So i purchased a perfume for Mama and a pearl necklace for Mummy.

We went out for a simple dinner at this place called Cardini, they served the best Halal Chinese Food... which could hardly be found around KL, and they're located at the Selayang Market. The family ordered rice and dishes, while i resulted to eating 'Kung Fu Chou - Ying Yong style'... the mouth just can't seem to eat any rice, since i had rice earlier for lunch.

So after dinner, we head back home to sent Mama, Koko and Farhana, since our next destination was Popo's house. Quickly took the mangoes and the blueberry cheese tart (made by Anwar's wife) and head straight to Popo's house.

Everyone was at home except for Papa, coz he went to Beijing for a 1 week holiday. Gave mom the necklace, which coincidentally she had the same colour, but somehow the colour is fading, so it was just perfect. Chat with Popo and mum, did some editing on some pictures that Amanda and i took when we went to the Orchid Park (for competition purposes), and left at about 11.30pm. So that's how i spend my Mother's Day. ^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Heaven is under our Mother's Feet


Ever wondered why the Hindu's use to bow and tap their hands on their mother's feet, coz of the above title... well anyway my intention to write this blog is not as a dedication to my Mum and mother-in-law for Mother's Day, but more for what had happen last Sunday.

You see, there's this story in the Sunnah of the Prophet (p.b.u.h), where this Sahabat (companion) asked him:-

Companion: Who do i take care first?
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w): Your Mother
Companion: Who do i take care after that?
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w): Your Mother
Companion: Who do i take care after that?
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w): Your Mother

So, moral of the story is our mom's are really important in our lives. Now next i need space to express what ever has been boiling in my heart.

If i had the chance, i would really, really love to express this to Aunty M. To tell her how important it is to take care of your mum, and whatever hurtful things she said to Aunt P, just wasn't right at that time, no matter how angry you were at her. There will always be misunderstanding, if you don't find the time to resolve it and make it clear.

So here it is:-

Aunt M, what you are currently doing with nanny is a really noble and humble thing. Not many people out there are willing to sacrifice their time, sweat and money to be able to take their time to take care of their aging mother. You might find that it is tough doing all this, but she is after all your mother, the one who bore you for 9 months and took care of you through out your life.

There might be other siblings around that are suppose to divide their responsibility with you, but they have other priorities too, it's just so happen that your a housewife and your able to have the time to take care of her. What your doing right now is directly contributing to the deeds that your bringing in the here after later on. But after hearing you expressing yourself through your anger, i realize that you were not taking care of nanny sincerely. I mean, your basically pointing fingers at your sisters and claiming that they were the ones that didn't bother to take her in and all.

Like HELLO, (i'm backing my mum up) my mum is un-able to take her in, for the fact that my parents are staying with my Popo (Dad's mum) and it's her house. Do you think, she would like to see her mum that way? I'm sure my mum would want to take care of her no matter what. But she's also working, it'll be another 5 years more, before she retires. Plus, with Popo's condition now, after recovering from a stomach ulcer, even she is in the same condition as nanny is. Alhamdullilah, my dad, sis and his brother were able to contribute, to hire a maid, so that she would not be alone at home, when my parents are at work and when my siblings have schools and classes.

The other thing, you have to always remind yourself, is the way Aunt P and Uncle C always contribute to the family after grandpa past away. The only money that was channeling in to the family was grandpa's pension, and it wasn't sufficient, and did you not forget, that Aunt P's pay was only RM300, and yet she still try to help the family. Where is your sense of gratitude, after all this years. Pointing fingers at her claiming that Aunt P was after Nanny's EPF and all. If you don't know the real story don't mention it, and why of all things, do you need to say that she's jealous of you now, now that you owned a house, car and everything that you own.

I'm just sad for the fact that, there is never an understanding in this family. The way you guys talk rudely at each other, doesn't reflect the way you are as a believer. Exerting your anger is not one of the qualities that God will like to see. At the end of the day, it is your actions that are counted. Now that everything looks so negative, there won't be any chance that either of the siblings would come over to your place to see nanny, due to your disrespect fullness towards them who are more elder than you. For the record, you have no rights to stop anyone from visiting their own mother or grandmother. We never know when God will decide to take her away... so why don't you just be more considerate with our feelings.