Thursday, June 3, 2010

Attacked on Mission to Gaza


I'm sure most of you have read or heard about what happen to those humanitarians who were on a mission to send a 10,000 ton worth of medical supplies to Gaza. It's so disturbing and sad to hear that these people were attacked in International Waters and they weren't even armed. Why were they attacked in the first place? and there were casualties, 8 of them are Turks, just b'coz they retaliate.

Navy blitz: An Israeli navy rubber boat (right) escorting a yacht from the Gaza-bound aid flotilla. with Israeli troops on board, as it enters the southern port of Ashdod yesterday. Israeli navy seals (inset) had earlier stormed one of the ships in a convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip against an Israeli blockade. — AFP

Is this the beginning of whatever that is being prophesied? Is this how Israel - Zionist would want to start a war with the believers? Well if it is, than i guess the believers are just waiting for the call now to go for Jihad. And i know people who are waiting for that now... and they are among my love ones. It's hard for us to see such a situation....

It's hard for us to watch videos on Youtube and watching our brothers and sisters in Gaza being harassed, bombed, tortured and killed every single day. Those who are ignorant, think that this video's are not real, but what do you know. If you believe in human rights, wouldn't you also have compassion upon this people who are harmless? Are they carrying bombs and guns around their bodies? they're just normal civilian's.

The next ship that is on a mission right now to Gaza are the ones boarding the Rachel Corrie, and there are 6 Malaysians who are on board. Insyallah, Allah s.w.t. will protect them on this mission, and Insyallah may the supplies reached the 100,000 Palestinians that are currently homeless. I asked that may Allah s.w.t grant this prayers, so that insyallah our brothers and sisters in Palestine will be able to get the help they need and hopefully those humanitarians will be able to reach their destination safe and sound. Amin.....

For now will just wait for the updates.... till than


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