Saturday, June 12, 2010

Malini's Graduation day


As promised, i will be sharing some of the experience i had during the journey and when we're at the venue for Mal's graduation.

You see, Mal is actually a close friend of mine back in High School, we both got to know each other when we were in form 3, coz we were in the same class. She was transfered to my school, and as we get to know each other, we became close friends. I even remembered that i sat in front of her during PMR test, since both our names, starts with the initial 'M'.

Anyway, she scored quite well in her PMR, and we soon end up in a different class, coz she wanted to go to Science stream, while i went into Art Stream. Well, eventhough we didn't end up in the same class, we somehow manage to do activities together, and i mean dancing. If you were to asked any of my high school friends, a lot of them will tell you that we were both, including the other girls are pretty active with performance during our schooling days.

Anyway, i better stop blabbering about the past, below are the graduation pictures:-

Malini & Me

Malini & her sis (Chitra)

The Beautiful Mural @ the entrance of PWTC

Sharmila & Me

That's Hema in Turqoise

Anyway, to keep it short and simple, Sharmila came to fetch me at 2pm, with both Hema and Chitra (Malini's youngest sis) in the car. It was already too late to go to Petaling Street to purchase a bouquet of flowers for Mal's graduation, since Mal called Sharmila to inform her that she needs her youngest sis for a family portrait. So we thought will drop by @ the florist @ The Mall after we park the car, but guess what even the florist over there, knew that there was graduation going on in PWTC, they were selling 12 stalks of roses for RM90... so we thought forget about it.

Alhamdullilah, Mal's bf Vicky brought a bouquet of flowers for her, so we didn't feel to bad for not getting her one. All and all it was a good experience, i have concern friends along the way, always watching my every step, since i'm pregnant with the baby... hehehe. Anyway we had late lunch at Uma Rani... as usual... Banana Leaf Rice... how can we not resist that, but sadly my favourite vegetable had finished earlier on, and there were no more refills for it... sigh. Better luck next time.... Congrats to Malini for her achievements, and hope that she'll be a successful person in the working world. She is after all working already... hehehe... till than


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