Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Test That Involves Hardship

End of 2008 and it has been a test that i will never forget for the rest of my life.

In Mid November 2008 i started to moved out from my family's house. It wasn't an easy thing, but something that i have decided firmly. Due to a small misunderstanding i had with my father, i finally decided to move out of the house. At this point of time i knew who my real friends were.. those who were there for me... you guys know who your are.

Anyway a month later in December.... i decided to make another huge leap in my life... and that is to profess the 'dua khalimah syahadah'.... to understand that there is no other God than Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is the Messenger of Allah. Since than i was called a Muslim...

To others being a Muslim might be something that is so hard to understand... but if you could take a few minutes to understand what Islam is all about.. you will than come to a realisation what this whole life and 'dunia' aka world is about.

That i will explain later on in my blog... conclusion is i'm happy being a Muslim, i'm happy that i finally get to pray to Allah s.w.t, i'm glad to say that i finally understand what islam is all about and not wat it has been wrongly portrayed in the mass media.


P.S: By the way if some of you guys are curious what's my new name it's Alisha Melissa Mah Siew Kheng..... ^_^

Missing in Action & Am Back

It's time to be back and updating this blog... after being missing in action for way to long. This i have to apologise to u guys...

It's been an emotional journey that i had to go through. Those close to me, will understand what i mean... and i appreciate each one of them for understanding and supporting me through out the whole journey. Alhamdullilah, coz at the end of the day everything turn out well. I somehow understand what sacrifice's is all about in this journey and i've never appreciate Allah as much as i have before...

Anyway not gonna cram all the stories in here... will take sometime to update every single experience i have slowly... along with pictures of coz. So just stay tuned....