Saturday, May 29, 2010

Down Memory Lane


Was up last night till about 3am, realised that i've been sleeping pretty late, lately. Probably due to the pregnancy, and the best part baby doesn't sleeps, if i i don't sleep... so i can basically feel him move every now and than.

So, to spent my time... went online and realised how much i miss those days when i was so nuts with the SLR camera, snapping pictures and updating the blog every now and than with my new found toy. I than decided to check out the blogs i used to post since year 2008, and i notice that i actually went through a lot for the past 2 years and how emotional it all seems.

I'm not the kinda blogger that writes a little and post loads of picture, i find that my blog is a journal of how my life has been, and how detail i explained it at times, and i'm glad that i decided to approach my blog in that kinda way.

So it helps me bring back memories and that's when reality hits me, on where i am today. I'm glad that i made a huge decision in my life, to marry the man i love, to take the time to learn about the truth in Islam, to make the big step in life - which is getting married and now I'm glad to say that i'm expecting my lil boy, whom i'm beginning to love each and every day. I can't barely wait for him to arrive and hold him in my arms. Sigh....

I hope i will continue to document all the experience of my life in this blog and i hope in a way i get to spread the truth, and also share my experience in life with those who read my blog.


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