Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Arrival of Sofiah Zakirah Fong


I'm sure as most of you would know, my lil daughter was delivered on 02/07/2010 @ Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

The whole event begin, when i was about to go to sleep at about 2 something in the morning. Earlier, i was joking with my hubby that there's only 10 days more for him to sleep on the bed, after that he would need to sleep on the floor, coz i was going to co-share with my lil one.

At 2.30am, i felt a hard 'thud' inside the womb, and begin to get worried... i begin to tap my tummy, in order to get a response from baby, but she only moved a little. Than i decided to sit upright, that was when i felt a slight gush of liquid. Got up the bed, and notice it was a clear liquid, later on, water and a lil blood started flowing bit by bit. That was when i realise, my water had broke. The hubby, immediately got ready, took our emergency bag along with the pink book. Woke up my mom-in-law, got some towels to sit on (so that i don't wet the car seat) and 3 of us headed to the hospital.

Reached the hospital at about 2.50am, and had to immediately register myself. Did a quick urine test and a vaginal examination and found out that my cervix has dilated 2cm. When i reached the ward, i was instructed to go into a room and was strap on with a monitor, that monitors my contractions and baby's heart beat. By than i was already having light contractions, every 10 minutes.

After going through the test for almost 15 minutes, i headed straight to bed and rest for a while. Called mom and informed her about the whole situation, by than hubby was already heading home with mom-in-law (coz ppl used to say the 1st child might take a longer time to deliver).

Anyway, the pain was getting more intense and more frequent. That was when the sis-in-law called (which was approximately about 6 something in the morning), and she advised if i was having frequent, heavy contractions, i should go inform the nurse, rather than wait for them to come and check me, coz if i don't, i might end up delivering on my own bed.

So, i headed straight to the counter and informed the nurse in charged and she told me to go back into the room for a vaginal examination. This time she said my cervix could have dilated to 5-6cm, she called a doctor and he confirmed it. I was immediately instructed to get baby's clothes and lay down on the bed, so that i could be pushed to the labor room. Alhamdullilah, i went for antenatal class, so i was able to imply the breathing techniques through out the whole ordeal.

Was at the labor room at about 7am in the morning, called the hubby earlier to inform him on my updates, and he immediately left home for the hospital. (HKL actually allows husbands to be with their wife's in the labor room). By 7.30am, i was having very strong contractions, and informed the doctor that i couldn't stand the pain, that was when she did another vaginal examination and informed me that my cervix has already dilated to 8cm. Quickly, gave a call to hubby to check his where abouts, and at that moment he was stuck in a jam in Sentul.

Through out the period from 2.30am till the labor room, i was busy doing 'zikir' (praising Allah s.w.t) and also reciting the 4 Kuls (Surah Al-Ikhlas, An-Nas, Al-Falaq & Al-Kafiroon) and also Ayatul Kursi (Prayer for Protection). Was mentally telling the baby to hold on, till the hubby comes, and i'm happy that he manage to arrive on time. While waiting for his arrival, i was asking the doctor whether i could have some pain relief, and b'coz i was dilating at a high speed, the only pain relief they could give me was Morphine Gas, coz it was to late for Epidural (it doesn't work if the cervix has dilated more than 5-6cm). The room was basically cold and i requested for a blanket to keep me warm.

A few minutes after hubby arrived, i begin to feel the urge of going to toilet and passing motion. Guess what that's the cue that it was time for me to go through labor. By than, the room was slowly filled with 2 doctors, and i think 8 maidens. They were basically what you call your cheer leading team. They were cheering, along with the hubby, so that i'll be motivated to push the baby. The first two tries, i did the technique wrongly, coz it seems i was pushing using my face, rather than my abdomen. So i tried the technique they instructed me, which was basically taking in deep air and push with the abdomen, and in between taking little, little breaths (this should be done, whenever i feel that the contraction was about to come).

In total, the feeling of pushing the baby, was basically as though your having constipation and your trying to shit really badly. Before that, i do have to note, that i told hubby to level up the bed (as told during the antenatal class), so that my body was positioned at a level of 45 degrees and my both hands was able to grab my ankles. Was pushing and pushing till i started sweating, and the hubby got a wet tissue to wipe my sweat of my forehead. In the middle of the delivery, the maidens actually told the hubby that the head is appearing at the entrance, and he confirmed it, one of them than asked me, whether i would like to touch and feel it, and when i did, my eyes was totally in shocked. That motivated me even more to deliver her as soon as possible.

After going through an ordeal of almost 45 minutes - 1 hour, the lil one was delivered. She was then showed to the hubby and was asked "Look carefully is it a boy or a girl?" asked the maiden and b'coz he was such in a daze with the whole situation he said "It's a boy" (this was b'coz when we went for our monthly checkup and ultra scan, we thought we saw testicles, but i guess sometimes it maybe wrong). "Look carefully, it's a girl" said the maiden... i was in total awe to, coz i thought it was a boy, till i saw my lil ones private part. She was than put on my chest, that was when i notice that my lil girl had really thick hair and her shoulders including her back was covered with hair. Her body was a lil blue, but i didn't know why, till later on at nite, when the hubby told me that the un-bilical cord was actually strap around her neck, and the nurses removed it.

She was than taken to be freshen up, while i had to recite the Salawat Nabi coz they were going to remove my placenta. At that moment, i had the total relief that everything was done, and i was pretty exhausted with the whole event. Next process, was they had to make sure that my womb is totally clean from any blood clot, after that, they had to stitch me up, coz they did an episiotomy (which basically means, they do a lil cut so that the baby's head is able to pass through the vagina. The whole process took an additional hour or so.

Once complete, a nurse brought the lil one to me, and told me to start breast feeding. After 5 minute or so, another nurse return, to inform me that they'll be transferring me back to the ward. By the time i was pushed back to the ward, it was almost 10 something in the morning. I was resting on my bed, while baby was in her bassinet. The hubby was around for a while, till a police officer came to inform him that he can't stay too long. He basically had to wait downstairs till it was visiting hours.

Alhamdullilah to Allah s.w.t for answering my prayers, i've always asked from him, to make the delivery easy and safe for me, and i'm glad the prayer was answered. I can't thank him enough, for making it easy for me. There are people out there who normally go through pain for almost more than 24 hours, and sometimes they end up loosing their energy, coz they have to endure the constant pain caused by the contractions.

For those who are expectant mothers or fathers, i wish you all good luck and may Allah s.w.t have mercy upon the two of you, and insyallah everything goes well. For others who are in the midst of planning to have a child, i can never explain to you, the joy of being one, to be able to bear your child for 9 months and than being able to hold them at last in your arms, is just a feeling that nothing can compare. So let us give thanks & praise to Allah s.w.t for blessing us with a wonderful bundle of joy. Amin...


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