Thursday, August 28, 2008

Euphoria Event • 6th September 2008

Hey babes, A Model Studio and A Model Xcess are organising an fashion event called "Euphoria Event".There will be more than 80 types of different clothing and accessories for you to choose and of course for you to try on before you purchase.Yes..Try before you purchase..We will provide you fitting rooms.No worries!!

For the walk in customers, you are entitled to enjoy 10% discount
(purchase above RM150).

For those who purchase more than RM150 on the spot, will eligible to become our AMS and AMX member. Of course, you will receive a special gift and privileges when you sign up become our member. see ya on that day, 6th September 2008!!

For enquiries, please contact Samantha, 012 325 3109

Click on the map for zoom in, Thanks ;)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stand up for Clare.

I seriously do not know how to start this blog. Lately too many drama’s have been going around, out of one person’s act. Out of one person’s act, who does not know how to be responsible for his/her actions, instead decides to point it to one person. This other person instead is willing to help and not knowing that he/she has put his/her reputation into risk, when all he/she wanted to do was just to help his/her friend.

I just hope and pray to Allah, that truth may prevail someday, if it’s not today… than I guess it’ll just have to be on Judgment Day. If one does not repent by than, than that person will receive the wrath from our Almighty God. And guess what, nobody once to be in that person’s position.

Please we are all friend’s, we are not suppose to slander or do any back biting or reveal the shortcoming of others.

Do you not you know that if you slander another person, all your good deeds that you’ve accumulated in your life as at now, will be given to the person you slander and humiliate? Instead you will be standing at the Day of Judgment without any good deeds in front of our Almighty Creator as a loser.

So please bare in mind, that what ever actions we’ve made will be accountable on the day of judgment. For we have two angels at the side of us at all times that are witnessing every single actions and taking it into account at all times.

May this be a reminder to all of us, that God Almighty is watching us at all times. For those who are affected from other people’s action, may God Almighty have mercy on you and may you take this as a form of challenge or test from God. For it was meant to be, as he is always testing our faith in Him and we know that he loves us very much.

~May God Bless Those Who Read My Blog~

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Party Announcement! by Shopaholics Unite!

Was browsing through the online shopping sites, and i realise that Shopaholics Unite! will be having their sale again, this time you can see it first hand at one of the boutiques in Hartamas. Below are the info, copied from their blog:-

Another party happening
this Sunday! *********************************** Our previously about twice monthly now dramatically reduced to once monthly parties which we love, only if you come! When: Sunday, 24 Aug 08, 11AM - 3PM Where: L-3-7, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur (call for directions: 0126018795, Leng) Why: For the uninitiated, it's how you get to view all new


So if you wanna check it out, please pay them a visit at the address stated above. Have fun...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bijou Bazaar in Strudels Café, Lucky Garden + Dinner @ Frames

When to check out the bazaar about 2 to 3 weeks back… and yes I finally met Kak Murni after so long… she sells all this lovely accessories for a really reasonable price.. and I bought this white lovely pair of earrings from her… wore it, right after that..

For only RM 10.00

hehe… So Miss Lil Aiwei got herself a top, sis got for the family some lil cupcakes (6 for RM5.00)… and I got myself this long white T after that… snap some pictures for the blog… nothing much interesting…

Live band performance... this girl was good

This was taken from the Jujuwitata's booth

People and more people

Strudels cafe + Bijou Bazaar

Ms Lil Aiwei and my sis

The t-shirt from the Bazaar - for RM30.00

so decided to drop by Czip Lee opposite of Bangsar Village 2. It’s actually a bookshop… but it has really nice things… and knowing me an art & craft lover… can’t stop checking out some stuff… walk.. walk and ended up buying some small funky notebook… to record down my daily expenses… yes I do that… but I guess it’s not stopping me from spending over the budget sometimes… sheesh…

Than, next we went to Little Black Book outlet in Bangsar… so sis checked out some coat, and lil Miss Aiwei went for shorts… and me just browsing… but somehow ended up with two lovely pair of earrings…

Got this two lil babies from Little Black Book Boutique (RM5.90 each)

than kept browsing all the other boutiques around Bangsar… somehow I got so tired and exhausted… decided to just sit at one the pavements… was on the phone with Clare.. when suddenly Chin Wei, the Finance Manager from my company passed by… so said hi…

Lil Ms. Aiwei and Amanda again

A not very nice picture of me & Ms Lil Aiwei (Was dead tired of walking)

The 'Mah' sisters....

than called mom to inform her that we want to have dinner outside, coz I wanted to check out Frames café in TTDI Plaza

So we headed back to the parking lot, got into the car… drove all the way to TTDI plaza and had our dinner there. Below are few of the pictures…

Amanda's Hot Lemon Tea

'G Frost'- Frames signature drink... yum yum..

Love their Spring Rolls... so yummy.

Ms. Lil Aiwei and i decided to try their Cheese Burger - RM 19.90 only

Fish & Chips for Amanda - also for RM19.90 only

Making fun with the Cheese Burger... hehe

Send Ms. Lil Aiwei back home and we headed back home, and that’s the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bazaar in Bangsar Shopping Centre, for the whole month of AUGUST!!!!

Yes, guys, you read that title right... i've been doing some online window shopping lately, and i've realise that a lot of independent bloggers who sell their clothes online, has been spreading this news all over, so as a shopping addict myself, i thought why not i share this lovely news for all the girls out there.... the details are as per- below:-

You read that right! There is now gonan be a bazaar every single Sunday for the whole of August! Woot!


It starts next Sunday! 10th August 2008 @ WIP Cafe in BSC

The event is organized by Chics Closet (Curvychics) in collaboration with WIP Cafe at Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Do check 'em out both readers and e-shop owners alike for another opportunity to mingle and share 'em goodies round!

For more info, do check out thier facebook group page:

The details above was taken from

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yup another bazaar is coming up soon, but this time it's somewhere in the middle of KL... not too sure if any of you have heard of CAP SQUARE... well probably most of you would, coz it's just somewhere nearby Asian Heritage Row... anyway below are the info's:-

The Event: CAP.zoo-ed

The Saying: The Gathering for Woodstock Traders

The Date: 9th & 10th August 2008

The Time: 12pm - 10pm , 12pm - 8pm

The Venue: CapSquare Centre, Kuala Lumpur

So please go and check it out, and support them.... till than take care