Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sofiah's 1 Month

This is actually a really late post, coz i don't have the time to blog, as much as before. Right now, Sofiah is actually 1 month & 3 weeks, but i just wanna do a post up for her, coz she has pass the 1 month mark.

She's been growing really rapidly, from her smile, to kicking her legs and moving her limbs, and now she's even responding whenever we talk to her (that is if she's in the mood to play & talk).

The first month, was pretty exhausting, as i would need to feed her every 2 hours. On her 5th day, when the nurses from the clinic came to check on her, they notice that she had Jaundice.That was when the hubby and i had to take her to the clinic to check her Jaundice count. It was pretty high, but not too serious to be admitted yet.

On the 10th day, we tried to feed her with formula milk, but i guess she doesn't agree with it, coz she vomited out the whole thing. After 2 hours, i breast feed her and notice she vomited again, as parents we got a lil worried and brought her to GH. Both Sofiah and i had to be admitted for 2 days. She was put under the UV light for a few hours, which she didn't like at all. The next morning, after her bath, the nurses will take the weight of the baby, that was when i notice her weight dropped a little. The specialist insisted that we stay another day, coz she was only 11 days old, and her weight dropped a little.

So the hubby had to go to and fro, from home to the hospital and i know it was quite exhausting for him. Thankfully her jaundice level dropped and she gained a few kg, that was the green light for us to discharge.

A baby's health is always a concern to the parents, for they are very fragile beings that are easy to get sick. While i was in the ward, i notice this baby was in a huge incubator, i asked the mum... and i got to know that the baby boy is only 25 days old, and his in the incubator b'coz he was infected with chest cold from his big brother (who happens to be 3). And it's such a pity, coz you can't actually carry your baby in your arms... so parents out there, just beware with all the lil sickness that is going around. Something that is so small to us, could be a big thing for our lil one.

Grandma with her


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