Thursday, July 1, 2010

Braxton Hicks


I'm sure most of you, who have not gone through pregnancy yourself, would not understand the term Braxton Hicks. Basically Braxton Hicks is a term used, for false alarm... more like fake contractions. It basically helps the body to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

Anyway's that's just some information for u guys out there. Well, today i've realised that i've been experiencing my womb 'hardening'... basically your whole tummy feels like it's harden for a few minutes, than it goes off... but it's not a very pleasing feeling. I'm not sure whether i should categorize it, as whether i'm experiencing Braxton Hicks.. but insyallah when i go to the Government Clinic tomorrow, i may get a better picture from the nurses there.

By the way, baby's due date is only less than 2 weeks away, if i were to say that i'm not nervous or worried, than i'm absolutely lying. But the fact is i am, but i'm trying to distract myself from thinking that way, coz it's not helping at all.

Had a chat with one of my college mates the other day 'Tiesha', and she had her baby boy last December, and his teething now, which is so cute to know that his progressing so well and she's being such a wonderful mom. Well, she's been really helpful with me and my pregnancy, constantly giving me advice and tips, and when i told her that i was nervous and anxious. She immediately told me not to think that way constantly, coz afraid that baby might 'poop' while his still in the womb, which is not a good thing, since it's suppose to be their first 'poop' out in the new world.

So, i'm hope-ing for the best... i'm constantly reminding myself that i should not worry and i should just leave it to Allah s.w.t, coz he is the best of all planners, and he knows what's best for us.

Hubby, got a little anxious when i told him how i've been feeling today, and this 'hardening' thing did happen just now, a few hours after dinner. I told him to use his hands to feel the womb all 'hardened' and he got a lil panicked, and was asking whether should he call the doctor, and i said it won't be necessary, since the only symptoms that we should have before heading straight to the hospital is, when u have a 'show' (basically blood stains), water bag burst, and lastly contractions...

So i hope and pray everything will go well and smoothly.... till than


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