Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Take Your Love Ones for Granted

It's been a week plus since Papa (my father-in-law) died... it came to a shock to us when we found out.

Through out Raya, Papa has been really working hard, putting in extra hours (he works as a security guard @ HP Tower), coz most of the guards were muslims and they took they're Raya leaves, so there were shortage of manpower.

You see, Papa has a hereditary disease of High Blood Pressure, i found out later that Ah Yan (Adam's grandmother) had the same health condition too and she passed away in her sleep. Papa on the other hand was aware of his medical condition, but he chooses to not take any medication, coz his brother said that it could give him side effects. Sigh, mama and the doctor has been doing their duties by advising him every single day, but it just goes to deaf ears.

Anyway, the incident started, when we got a call from Koko informing Adam that Papa needs them to fetch him from work. We were just on our way home from the clinic, coz i was down with 'Shingles' at the same time. Adam called Papa... and he didn't sound to well... we decided to stop over at Koko's house to get him.

Once they dropped me off, they quickly rushed over to HP towers. at that point the only thing we know was that Papa wasn't feeling well, he was having chest pain and difficulty breathing.

While we were waiting for updates, Mama was busy preparing dinner, while I on the other hand was trying my hand on this dessert that i found in the Her World Cook Magazine... @ 7.30pm i decided to call Adam and ask for updates... all he could tell me was

Adam: Get here as quickly as you can.
Me: How's Papa doing?
Adam: I can't tell you now, just come here as quickly as you can.

So i had a quick shower, did our Maghrib prayers and quickly break our fast. Than i had to pump petrol and drove the car to the General Hospital... One thing i didn't like, was that the parking lot for visitors was far away from the Emergency Unit... we walked for almost 5 minutes, reaching the entrance of the Emergency Unit. Both brothers look calm... brought us to this sofa, and than that was when Koko broke the news to Mama (note that the whole conversation was in Tamil... and Kak Lina aka the sister-in-law and i were basically clueless with what's going on)... both brothers including Mama started crying. We both thought that Papa was still inside along with the doctors... and we were hoping that everything will be ok.

Farhana aka the niece, started crying too.... I called my mum to inform her where we were and what was happening. Kak Lina and i than decided to bring Farhana out and get her something to pacify her... everything seemed to be ok after that... but mama was looking really depressed...

Kak Lina and i than decided to head to the ladies... when we got back... i was hearing Adam talking on the phone telling the other end that his father was dead... I was clueless at one moment. Once the conversation ended... i questioned him:

Me: What do you mean Papa is dead?
Adam: Papa is gone darling...
Me: What!.... i thought you said the doctor was trying to resuscitate him... you didn't tell Me that Papa has gone (started tearing)...
Adam: I'm sorry da, Papa actually past away before you all arrive...
Me: (Was to shock) Why didn't you tell me, when i called you earlier... you could have told me...
Adam: I couldn't tell you... coz you would eventually tell Mama.. and i didn't want you to rush your way here....all i wanted was for you to be here, coz i needed you by my side.

I just couldn't stop tearing.... i than decided to call Sharmila, to tell her the bad news... she than said that she was on her way to GH...

Few minutes later, the medical personnel told us to go to the mortuary... Since Papa had his attacked during his working hours, his body had to go through Post Mortem, as the medical doctor couldn't figure out the cause of his death.

By the time we got back home it was already 1am plus... Adam's uncles and aunties from Ipoh were on their way by bus and we had to fetch them from Pudu bus stationed. By the time we slept it was already 3am plus in the morning and my right eyes were swollen really bad.

The next morning, Adam, koko and Uncle Uma went to GH to settle Papa's body, his funeral, coffin, canopy and everything that was needed. The canopy was set up infront of the house at 3pm while the body arrived at our home in the coffin at 4pm.

I than followed Roha anne, Viji Atte & Pushpa Aunty to fetch Tholasi (Adam's cousin) from YWCA... order the flower rift from the florist in front of Batu Caves and went to the nearest photo shop to enlarge Papa's photo.

The funeral was set on Friday at 2pm in this Bahai cemetery located in Mambao, Negeri Sembilan. Due to the fact that Papa wasn't practicing Islam, the funeral rights had to be done the Bahai way.

We left the house at 12pm... mom and Amanda came along, and we drove all the way there. It was really sad to see Papa's body being lowered down to his graved, but we just had to be patient all the way. Mama has been in a depressed mode ever since... and all we could tell her is just to be strong and where ever we go, we made sure that we brought her along. She don't even have the mood to cook anymore, coz she says it reminds her of Papa.

All we asked now, is for Allah s.w.t to have mercy on Papa and lessened his punishment in the grave. May Allah s.w.t give him the mercy to understand Islam while he is in the grave and insyallah we will be able to meet him again come Judgement Day and there's no doubt about that. Till than R.I.P Papa.... for we all love you very much....


(P.S: He died due to blood pressure, whereby one of the artery exploded and his lungs was full with blood... and this made him had difficulty breathing as there were lack of oxygen)

Ramadhan & Fasting

As most of you all are aware, i've been embracing islam since December 2008, and things have changed this days.

The Ramadhan month is the month that all muslims anticipate, basically we fast from Subuh prayers, and we break fast once the azan for Maghrib is recited. It was tough for the first day, but than it later went on easily... though there are times where i felt hungry and thirsty, but i continued staying strong.

Through out this period, after we have finish our Isyak prayers... we will do Terawih prayers, basically people can go to the nearest mosque to their house and do the Terawih prayers in Jemaah (Congregation) or you have the option of doing it at home. Most of the time, Adam and i will do our Terawih prayers at home.

Anyway, since i quit my job in time for Ramadhan, i've been busy researching recipes for Raya cookies and cakes... i've also invested on a few cooking magazines and books.

Now, i'm able to bake Almond London Cookies, Peanut Butter & Jam Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Orange Cake & just yesterday i manage to bake a simple cheese cake.

Insyallah i'll be able to post up a blog on all the recipe's i tried along with some pictures.... never know i might create another new blog solely on selling my creations... hehehe... till than...


Brief Update

Lots of things has been going on lately since the month of Ramadhan till this very day. From fasting, to baking cookies and cakes... on how i celebrated my Raya and lastly a lost of a loved one.

It's a mixture of feelings, and due to bad internet connection, i'm un-able to update anything in time. So all the upcoming post will be those that happen a month ago, so just bear with me alright... thanks