Sunday, March 23, 2008

In a Battle

Dear All,

I've attended a wedding two weeks in a row (Apologise for not blogging for a while... i thought of penning down my thoughts today, coz Malay custom, both the bride & bridegroom side got their own 'bersanding'). Anyway congratulations to Rafique & Kak Wati, coz they're the newly weds.

Currently i'm not in the mood to blog, coz i'm stuck in a spiritual war fare, which i never thought would ever happen in my life. I was born & bred as a Christian... now i'm stuck, coz my love one wants to be a Muslim so much, i respect his believes, and also try to understand. Last Friday he broke the news to my mom through an email, and i knew something bad was going to happen. You see, my mom is a staunch Catholic... she will never expect one day, one of her children will be a muslim. Well if u get what i mean, if my bf were to convert, i would eventually have too, if i would some day want to get married with him - which is one of my dreams.

But things are turning up for the worse, mom's asking me, whether i would still want to continue this relationship or not? It's a tough question, how am i suppose to answer without hurtin both parties. God! i'm living in a hell hole now... i don't like going through this, why is it, just to be with someone u love, you have to go through 'shit' (excuse me for my vulgarness, but i'm at my peak of patience).

I want to please both side's, but if both sides are pulling me on each end, i think i'll be torn into pieces. Why can't people just learn to compromise, at least there'll be some peace in this world. Aaaaaarrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh i feel like killing myself. Or can someone just sponsor me to a long holiday... where i can just be alone... and not hear what other people have to say abt my believes. At the end of the day i'm only worshipping God, Allah, Yahweh.... they're all the same it's just how you call 'Him' in different languages.

I've been through this for the past 3 days... i hope it does not continue on and on. Coz i need to concentrate in my work, and also my upcoming performance with Breakthru, this coming Saturday (on the 29/03/2008), not forgetting it's an International Bowling Event. Sigh.. anyone who had been reading this blog.. i thank u so much for 'listening' what i have to go through. I always have this believe, that if you really love someone, go all out... coz God knows how much you love them, and he also knows how much the other person loves you. Believe in 'HIM' and only him... but sad to say.... i think i'm falling apart rather slowly...

I never like asking people to do things for me, but if you have the heart, all i ask is for you all to pray for me, so that there'll be an understanding and also compromise in this family, and in this bond of love that i'm in.

~God Bless~

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shopping after Polling

Does that rhyme or is it lame?? hmmm.... anyway today after doing my obligation, i went shopping with, mom, sis & bro. We went all the way to Bangsar, park at Jolly Green and headed to the nearest mamak for Lunch. Ordered my 'Maggie Goreng Ayam + Limau Ais', munch munch... than decided to head over to 'Little Black Book' boutique, i think i'm one of their faithful customer, since i have the discount card and i also have like 7 over items from them. Love their clothes, bags & accessories... since it's so reasonable for ppl who earn as much as me in a month. Anyway this is what i bought from there :-

It's RM 35.90 - good buy!!!

RM 9.90 - Lace Camisole

Anyway after dropping by 'Little Black Book', my sis and i decided to meet up with my mom & lil bro at the Nokia Centre. (Yup, we kinda split up when i decided to go to the boutique & mum went to Bank)...... so sis & bro got their new phones, while the only thing i got from there is a plain old black hands free.... since my mom didn't want to pass hers to me.

Than we split again, coz mom had to bring bro to the optical, and Amanda & I decided to go this bookshop called 'Czip Lee', mom said they sell this cute small tiny whinny wooden clothes pags with flowers, ginger bread man & etc on it.... when to check it out and they did have it.. (sori no pictures)... Anyway this place is a freaking heaven for arts & crafts lover like me... you can basically get nice emboss paper, photo albums, colored papers and wrapping papers... i was basically 'WOW', now i know where to go and get stuffs. It's an extra- ordinary bookshop. By the way after being so oppress, and knowing i can't afford things (when i was a child)... i decided to bring my child like behaviour out and bought this:-

RM 69.90 - From Czip Lee, Bangsar

It's so cute... and it's quite reasonable, since you have so many of this crafty paper puncture, is that how you called it.... anyway i love it, and would soon use it for my arts & crafts stuff.

So there's about it for today... had a nice shopping day and all... now it's time to spend wisely and not spent excessively. Ciou.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

1st Time Polling

Gosh.... it's my first time polling, after registering for it last year in Church, when a group of people came in to do so for us church goers. Well had to do my obligation as a proper citizen of Malaysia... and i think u people out there who are above '21' should do so to... i mean in Mass Comm, we learn to be expressive... so practice your rights. *Hint *Hint to someone who didn't bother listening to my advice, but know how to comment abt the government... sigh...

Anyway it's not like i had to wake up so early, but my dad did. Woke up at 9 something.. got myself ready waited for mom and left the house. Walk to the school where we had to cast our votes.. went to the registration booth... show my IC... got my room balloting number which was '4'. Got there, luckily there was no ppl.... they read my IC number and full name out loud.. not too sure what's the rational behind that. got my balloting paper, where i'm suppose to 'X' the party that i'm voting for... and guess what there's a serial number on the orange paper... wonder what it is for... is it to trace who voted for who... well if i know what are the dirty tricks they're up to... i'm not gonna work for the government for the rest of my life.

So did my obligation as a voter... met up with my mom and we walk back home... so that's my experience of first time polling .

~Hmm have to wait for the results tonight...........~

'Why Be' in Actor's Studio - BSC

I was waiting for this day to come, to at least experience how stage play are like, coz i've never seen it before. Anyway, the reason i went to watch is b'coz i wanted to support Monti & Loggi, who were previously the MC's for my company's annual dinner. And they were seriously good MC's, Breakthru appreciate they're help for that night, if you know what the drama was about.

Anyway let's get back to the main story, few weeks back the Sport Committee of my company started selling tickets for a stage show called 'Why Be' from Monti & Loggi. So i bought 2 for myself and Adam. I was so anticipated for the day to come, even told my mom abt it, so that she's aware. But nnnooooo..... the day before, she could tell me that she's going for her 'UNION' Meeting. Guess what i answered her "Mum, you do know i have a stage play to go to right? tomoro?" ....... sigh but being the daughter i am, i just had to wait for my mom, and rush myself home and get all dressed up, while my 'da' waits for me patiently.

We reach BSC, and there were no parking, luckily we found one ' thank God'. 'Da' had to go do his obligation before we could go for the show... so i started lingering around BSC... they were having this small flee market, over at the 2nd phase but everything was too expensive but i did saw this pair of yellow colored earrings that look like wings and also a small cute black heart with white wings (it's RM 19.90 by the way). But i didn't buy, coz it was just pure temptation for me to spent money.

'Da' finish doing his obligation, and we rush our way to Actor's studio on the uppers floor.. luckily ppl were just beginning to go in. Enjoyed the whole show laughing... for a solid 2 hours. Once the play ended i waited for Monti & Loggi, to wish them congrats for they're achievements in impersonating Datuk S. As a performer himself, he did ask how Breakthru was doing, and i said we were doing great... After exchanging our goodbye's 'Da' and i decided to head for dinner. Just right before we could pay the ticket, we found out that both of us had '50 dollar' notes with no small change. The machine didn't even want to take it... so we decided to go to Coffee Bean and break our money. Bought this lovely tiramisu for RM 8.50++ though it was expensive it was a good dessert.

When all the way back to the 'Uma Rani' the mamak nearby my house and had 'Nasi Lemak Sotong & Limau Ais' for dinner.... yum yum... and so pau... pau. Ate the Tiramisu for dessert in his car, had our normal chat... muacks.. muacks.. and that's how the night ended.

And tomoro's polling day...... aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh have to wake up so early..