Friday, May 14, 2010

Multi-tasking or Easily Distracted


I guess when you have time in your hands, you tend to do things that you don't normally do on days that your busy. Well, since i've been home most of the time, and the blogger bug has strike me again, i try my best to blog as frequently as i can. I even find myself checking both my Yahoo Mail & Gmail, FB and Twitter almost every other day, except for weekends. That's when the hubby occupies the computer or we're out for some grocery shopping with the mother-in-law or visiting relatives.

Anyway, i'm suppose to work on my take-home test right now... which is actually pretty easy, since it's just a general thing, on what we expect from this subject or i can also write on what i have learned in the first class.

Anyway, i've started it mid-way... still thinking on how to expand it even more, though the lecturer only requested for a one page answer. ^_^.... yet i'm straying away blogging about it, trying to find Bubur Cha Cha recipe, coz i'm craving for it. And now that i've found it, hopefully i'm able to try it out this weekend.

By the way i realize that the lil one always squirms around whenever i start smelling any food. Coz he just did, while my mom-in-law cooks Maggie Mee. I guess, i'll be having that for lunch. ^_^.... till than...

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