Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Butterfly Project Tea Party & ServerFreak M'sia

Assalamualaikum Ladies,

Alhamdulillah about a month back i heard that The Butterfly Project was going to organize a Tea Party cum workshop for those who have lack of knowledge in setting up our own personalize website/ blog. So guess what i was lucky enough to be picked, and it was my very first event with the Butterfly Project.

The venue was at @ Plaza Kelana Jaya, and it was over looking a beautiful lake, which was just so serene. It was a chilly day since it was drizzling in the morning, manage to carpool with Kay who happens to be the MC for the day.

Since we were there about half and hour early, i got to meet Illy and Tammy personally and manage to get a lot of pix before the crowd arrived.

Delicious food and tea/ coffee by Teaffani High Tea, this was my first time tasting their food. I heard that they've been catering for most of the events in KL. Guess what it was yummy, love their carrot cake, so yummy, even ta pau some b'coz there was leftovers.

A small corner which was beautifully decorated and ensemble by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party. She's been the party planner for most of Butterfly Project's event, and doesn't it look sweet and dainty? with all the soft pink hues.

Some of the items sold during the Tea Party, which are notebook handmade by Mamasan@Tammy herself, and it only cost RM 20 each. Manage to get hold of one of it.

At the same time we also had a photo booth, from This is their 2nd time collaborating with Butterfly Project, their first was the Luau Party with Kinohimitsu. Manage to snap up some pictures with other beautiful butterflies, and guess what it's in the form of a bookmark, which i find it lovely and memorable.

So let me get back to the actual reason what this Tea Party is for, it's basically to celebrate the launching of Butterfly Project website, which was hosted by a company called ServerFreak. So both party decided to colaborate in order to further educate and share their services with other independent bloggers, for e.g me.

For those who were invited to the event, there was a special promo price. But for those who want to know ServerFreak actually allows you to have your very own domain and a personalise layout for your blog at a reasonable price:-

RM298 for the first year 
RM198 for renewal each year. 

This package includes:-

12GB disk space
50GB of monthly bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts (
Free domain name
Free one template
24/7, 365 days technical assistance

As we're all aware the layout for a blogger, represents who the blogger really is. So as mentioned by Sherene (pic below), who happens to be the representative from ServerFreak. The most important thing is design the Header, and you can leave the rest to them.

Some of the examples shown during the briefing

By the way they use wordpress for the blog, so if there's any of you who would like to convert from Blogger to Wordpress you can just contact them at the following details below:-

Contact : 03-33712564 or 03-33712745

*I was initially interested with the e-commerce due to my online baby shop Baby Malaika, and Sherene was pleasant enough to explain to me and within 2 days she emailed the pricing and the breakdown to do so. So customer service wise, their quite efficient and they do respond quite fast.

 Some shots taken during and after the event.

Illy Ariffin from

Sabrina N. Azmi from

The door gifts - Etude Happy Teatime Cleanser and also a book (whic is not in the pix)

Sofiah with the motorcycle from Tammy's handmade notebook that i purchase.

Had a wonderful tea time with other butterflies, it's been a while since i've been to an event and meeting new people that are oh so friendly and inviting. In Shaa Allah hope to attend more of Butterfly Project event, but for now have to lay low since baby is due in February. 

Till than

Take care lovelies and Assalamualaikum ^_^

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Haul from Big Bad Wolf

Assalamualaikum ladies,

How are you all doing? In Shaa Allah everyone's doing good. I've been pretty busy for the past 3 days being out and about rather than being at home. So i was really looking forward to go for the book fair in MIECC which was the Big Bad Wolf. If i'm not wrong this is their 2nd time around this year (2013), and it was my first time going there, with my sis, mom and Sofiah. 

Decided to drive and use WAZE as my guide, but sadly we got lost going there and coming back home. Thank Allah i pump the car enough to go around and get lost. 

So anyway's we were there pretty late around 3pm out of being lost and jam and all that. Parking alhamdulillah was easy, as there was a secluded parking space near the new building. It looked like an abandoned park, the parking fee was RM5 per entry and guess what it's just a short distance from the venue. We just had to cross over the river. So took the lift, when up and guess what you can't stop at the floor where the book fair is on, you have to go another floor up where there's some F&B vendors, and take an escalator down. Poor Sofiah she was already sleeping, when i carried her she immediately woke up and was wide awake. 

So we took the escalator down, than Amanda (my sis) had to go find my mum, b'coz my aunty drop her earlier. And we started browsing for books. My budget was set at RM100 and nothing more, and my aim was just to get books for Sofiah and our little one on the way.

Started looking for storybooks and activity books for Sofiah, my eyes was literally scanning through each book. Everything looks so nice with beautiful illustration and crazy price tag. Children books were literally from RM1 - RM 15. After picking and choosing and calculating this were the books that were haul during the book fair.

Dinosaur Train by Jim Henson's
Price: RM 12
*And it's a hardcover book

The Octonauts and The only Lonely Monster
Price: RM 8
*Hard cover and glossy pages.

This 4 books only cost RM 3 each = RM 12
*They have googly eyes, which In Shaa Allah will attract our little baby*

Toy Story 3
Price: RM 5

Workbooks that were meant for those age 4-6Y, b'coz they don't have any which was for Sofiah's age. And they only cost RM 5 each.

Story Time by Miles Kelly Little Press
Retail: RM 20 per set
*There was suppose to be 10 different story books in it, but since i didn't check i ended up having 9 of it, and 2 of it were repeats.

Books for the lil one - 123, ABC, Colours & Shapes.
Retail: RM 3 per book.
*Worth getting since the price is such a steal, and i just love the beautiful illustration and colors on it.

*Oh and before i forget, do you ladies know the kind of storybook that has like sound buttons on the side. They only cost RM10 each, i saw one which was Disney Brave. There were also other few titles, but i can't remember what. So it definitely is a steal and they also have interesting encyclopedia for kids, which i so wish Sofiah was old enough to read.

So can you just imagine how tempting it was seeing all this beautiful books, with beautiful illustration, colors, easy to read content and not forgetting the crazy price again. And i had to control myself to spent within the budget... uuuurrrghhhhh u don't know how geram it was, i wish i could bring back more. But than thinking again we don't have much space in the house to have all the books.

In total i only spent about RM 82, b'coz mom decided to pay for the Toy Story 3 & the 7 collection books and give it as a xmas gift to Sofiah. 


I would definitely go again, bring extra cash (or if possible save as much as you can, b'coz you will definitely splurge on those crazy deals. Bring a trolly, roller bags or anything that would make it easy for you to lunge boxes of books.

If possible let the driver be someone whose familiar with the road, there's no denying how exhausting it was being pregnant and driving around, lost and all. And yes if i had more money i would go again before the book fair ends. But sadly i don't, another thing was mom did mentioned that there was this NGO called Budimas who happens to open a counter at the book fair. You can buy and donate the books to them, as their currently working on collecting books to put in their makeshift libraries for the orang asli's.

Oh and this is Sofiah with her favorite bedtime story:-


So that's all for now, till than take care ladies. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies,

So I'm back after all the beauty bag and box review. Found out that i was nominated for the Liebster Award from this sweet little blogger Irene Goh. Haven't done this kinda thing for a really long time, it reminds me of a chain blog or something. And wow did i find her question a little tough to handle, i mean answer... hehehe. So let's start:-

Wondering what Liebster is about?
Let's see, Liebster means "dearest" or "favourite" in German.
So, it means that you love some blogger's work and appreciate it by this gesture.This award is an award which given to up-and-coming blogs of less than 200 followers. (quoted from Irene's blog)

My answer to Irene's questions are:-

1. Describe your personalities. Hmmm i guess my personalities would be motherly, caring, loving, patient (definitely b'coz having a child requires lot of patience), fast learner, shy at times & a good listener. And i do admit that i am stubborn and lazy at times too, no denying on that.
2. What is the quote that you live by? I guess the quote that i live by is live life to the fullest (do charity when possible, spend time with your loved ones if possible and etc. B'coz we never know when would be our last breath.)
3. What is your favourite book?  I don't specifically have a favourite book, but i do love one which is James and the Giant Peach.
4. What is your favourite season? If Malaysia had 4 seasons, i think my favourite season would be Autumn. As i love to see the leafs start changing color and shedding from the trees.
5. When is your first blogging? Based on my records the first time i blog was on the 23rd of February 2008
6. What makes you continue blogging till now? I guess the reason i continued blogging till today is b'coz there are so many topics to talk about this days. And with ppl being IT literate, they do search for answers, reviews, opinions and sometimes help from the internet. So what better way to share your reviews, experience and etc in ur personal blog, without overriding the boundaries of law and sensitivity.

7. If you could turn back time, where will it be? If i had the choice of turning back time,  don't think i would b'coz i'm content and happy with where i am. Having a roof over my head, clothes over my back, food on the table, a husband to spend my life with, a daughter and In Shaa Allah a baby on the way to accompany me in this life time and to believe and worship Allah s.w.t is just a blessing. But there's no denying that i do miss the times when i use to have dance as my passion, and performing was a way of expressing and being free, not forgetting keeping the body fit too in a fun way.
8. What will you do if you only left 24 hours of your life? If i had 24 hours, i would In Sha Allah do more ibadah & charity at the same time spending time with my love ones until my last breath.
9. The unforgettable lesson you have learnt in your life. The unforgettable lesson that i have learned in life is that there is no other being that deserves our worship except for the one and only god which is Allah s.w.t 
10. What is an item you lost that you would like to get it back? I guess the item that i lost and would like to get it back would be my very own baby photo album, b'coz my mom can't seem to find it. And the ones in my hand are so few. There's so many memories that i miss looking @ the missing photo album.
11. What is the first item you think of to buy it if I were giving you RM100?
Well the first item that i would think of buying is makeup or skincare. But after thinking carefully, i think it would be a pair of jeans or a few collared t-shirt for my husband. Reason being b'coz he works so hard, that he rarely spends on himself, so i'm the type of wife that likes buying gifts for the husband if possible. ^_^
And the rules to follow are?
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserves of this award and those who have less than 200 followers.
5. Give your nominees 11 questions.
Now the lucky 11 bloggers nominated by me for the Liebster Blog Award is *drum roll*
1.Shivani Balraj from Pen my Blog
2. Kay Silva from
4. Lizzie Leong from
5. Sherlyn from 
7. Grace Myu from
9. Trislynn Chan from
10. Seereena R from
11. Siew Cheng from
My Questions for my Nominees:
1.  Who or what do you love most in life?
2. If you had the choice of changing your life story would you or would you not? and why?
3. What is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning?
4. What is last thing you see before you sleep at night?
5. If you had the chance to say something to someone, knowing that it would be the last time you see them, who and what would it be?
6. What do you look forward in the future?
7. If you found a bag with tons of money in it, what would you do and why?
8. If you were deserted in an island, what are the 5 things that you would like to bring along?
9.  If you had children, would you decide their future, or would you leave it to them to decide? and why?
10. What is the most embarrassing moment that ever happen in your lifetime?
11. What do you like to have for breakfast?