Saturday, August 29, 2009

Attempt to Make Chocolate Pudding

Last Thursday, Mama and i attempted to follow the Chocolate Pudding recipe from Rasa Magazine, July Issue....

We went over to Giant Hypermarket to get some ingredients that we didn't have at home at that time. So we purchased more jelly mock cup's, koko powder, agar-agar powder and margarine.

So we came back and started mixing the mixture according to the recipy. In the end the mixture was too watery and we were wondering whether what we did was right. By the way it didn't mentioned in the magazine that the mixture was supposed to be boiled.

Me, being blur, just put the concoction into the mock cup's and in the fridge it goes... waited for few hours.. and it's still not happening. Coincidentally, that night Mama's old neighbour came by to visit us.. the aunty straight away say that i have to boil the concoction, once i notice a bubble i need to switch of the stove immediately.

So i did as she said... pour the mixture back into the mock cups... and within a few hours... the chocolate pudding turn out well... but just one thing it was tooooo..... ssswwweeeettttt....

Better luck next time ^_^

~@lish@ meliss@~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fasting for the 1st time in Ramadhan

It's Ramadhan, and what more to expect.. there's fasting.. there's Ramadhan bazaar with delicious food and drinks... and Raya is just around the corner.

Well basically it's not my first time fasting, when i was a Christian... i used to fast too... but not in a manner like the muslims do. For christians, we fast during Lent, that was when Jesus fasted for 40 days, and throughout his fasting Satan tried to tempt him with 3 things. The Christians could actually fast in many ways... but i'll just refer it to myself.. ok.

So yes, back to when i was a Christian... when i fast i normally take Breakfast, skip lunch, and than i'll have my dinner. But there are also times, when i couldn't manage to skip my lunch.. i decide to be a vegetarian...

What ever it is, i'm a muslim now... this is my first Ramadhan together with my hubby and my in-laws. It's been 3 days, and i'm surprised that i'm able to take Sahur so early in the morning. You see, i have this problem... i can't eat too early in the morning... it's similar to morning sickness.. but no... i'm not pregnant. Close friends and family of mine would know what i'm talking about.

Anyways, the first day of sahur.. i ate oats, coz i remembered when Kak Murni told me that it's best to have oats for Sahur... coz you won't feel to hungry during the day. Second day of Sahur... i ate Nestum and Bread deep in Fish Curry.... Today (which is the 3rd day)... i had Bread with Sardine and a bowl of Frosties Chocolate cereal with Milk.... yum.. yum...

Well there are times when the hunger comes... but i just have to ignore it and be patient and wait for time to break fast. Tonight, Mama is gonna cook Bawal Fish with sweet sour sauce, Sting Ray with Asam gravy and etc. And i'm gonna make dessert that i learned from Kak Lina (the sister-in-law)... which is basically a concoction of ideal milk, mix can fruit, nata de coco, jelly puddings (the ones they give out during kids birthday parties)... and sugar water. Mix it all up and add water and ice....

Can't wait to do that later... the hubby is bugging for me to do that... now that i'm free.. gonna borrow some cooking magz from the sister-in-law and try it out myself... hehe... till than...

~@lisha meliss@~

Addicted to Facebook Games!!

Since last week,after the Hotlink ad... i've been occupying myself with the little niece, the hubby, family, emails, twitter, Facebook, you name it....

And i've just realise that i've been over addicted with the games in Facebook... first with 'Fish to Fish'... than came 'Farmville'... and next was 'Fashion Wars'.... sigh it even came to a stage where when the hubby is around i totally ignore him and contiue playing my game... hahaha.

Anyway's the hubby is threatening me, by deleting my account... he has his ways... coz his a computer tech guy. So girls out there, if your dating with a guy whose so good with computers, you better be extra careful... coz he can hacked his way through your private info... hahaha.. just kidding.

~@lisha meliss@~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Attending Shoots with Talents

Yesterday was a really close call, I didn't know that the number i had to contact my talents were wrong. Alhamdulillah, i manage to get it from Clare... made the call... and breath a sigh of relief. Allah is always there to help his followers.... and i can't take Allah enough.

Anyway, got back from work (shoot) on Monday night... had only 3 hours of sleep and had to wake up at 5.30am to get ready to head for another shoot. Thank Allah it was early in the morning at least the traffic won't be so bad... got over to the location and guess whatlah... it was so dark... i can't even find the house number... called Amar... asked the security guard and decided to just wait in the car. Once the sun came up... decided to get out of the car and saw some familiar faces.

Set up was done by 8am... and the shoot started... the kids were doing great... and i can't thank them enough for trying their best. They even got this cute pair of Parakeet from the producer, in order to buy their hearts.... hahaha... All and all it was an exhausting day.. the kids gave their best... and it should be on TV soon....

P.S: The kids was from our casting agency.... yeay... nailing our 2nd big advert....

~@lhamdullillah to Allah s.w.t for all the blessings~

Last Sunday's Plans

As i've mentioned before last Sunday was suppose to be an off day, but ended up with jam pack of plans.

Was able to have extra sleep, coz i've been waking up quite early lately... woke up at about 10 something, got ready and than headed to mamak for breakfast. Next stop was the morning market... Due to the small debate we had in the car... I wasn't filling to well.. coz my head was dizzy... so anyway's accompanied the mother in law to the market. Once done, waited for the hubby to come, coz we didn't have any cash in he had to go to the nearest bank.

Once came, got the money... and went to the other side of the market, which was where they were selling clothes and accessories including tudung. So mama and i went to look for tudung that will match with our baju kurung, but to no avail... there were no matching colors. But i did manage to get 2 different tudungs... with 2 different materials... all for a good bargain. Both also no need to that makes my life a little easier. I even manage to get this grey cardigan for a good bargain.... coz the ones selling in the boutiques are like 2 times more.

Anyway's after market...we decided to head back home, freshen up, solat and get ready for lunch. We headed to Tesco, coz the hubby wants to eat Claypot Chicken Rice... After that a little grocery shopping... but the queu was really long. Even the Fast Lane... was long... sigh... by the time we left it was already 5pm.

Next stop was my parents home, this time brought the mother in law along. It was her first time there, and also her first time meeting popo. Once, Adam was done with the computer, we left for home at 6pm. Coz mama had to cook and we had to go back to get ready for the dinner... imagine... a whole jam packed day without rest.... aaaarrrrggghhhh.... insyallah this weekend i get to rest to... sigh....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Minute Reunion in Kenny Rogers - Mid Valley Megamall

Clare and i decided not to do any casting last Sunday, since nobody was going to be around, as everybody will be out for shoots.

So got a call from Nicole on Saturday night, the girl just came back from UK for her holidays and it has been weeks since she's been here... but she didn't even call to inform also. Rupa-rupanya she kept calling my old number.... sigh so got a call from her... and she said that both Beulah and her made last minute arrangements to have a dinner on Sunday night at Midvalley.

I agreed... Sunday was suppose to be a rest day but ended up having jam pack of schedule, that i will blog later.

Anyways, Adam and i was late... coz we had other things to do. When we were there, i spotted the table they were sitting. Karthika's back was facing me, so i thought of giving her a surprise. It's been years since i last saw her... remember it was suppose to be a surprise, but guess what me and my clumsy self, started kicking the chairs first... but somehow manage to scare Karthika off.... hahaha...

But, somehow they kenakan me balik, Beulah and her stories, about Karthika having a 1 year plus kid in Indonesia.... i didn't believe it first... but however terkena also... hahaha... so the score is 1-1.

Ordered our food and drinks, and we were updating each other with each other's life. And due to the fact that none out of the 3 manage to attend my wedding, they started interviewing Adam and i... about it. Next question was babies.... well i'm planning lah ok... don't ask me anymore.... :P

Anyways, after finish makan it was photo session... coz most of us have to work the next day.. we ended the meet up quite early. Conclusion is i was happy to meet all off them after almost a year... but quite sad that it had to end early. Just wish we had more times on our side, insyallah will get to hang out again,.... before Nicole and Karthika flies off....^_^

The Girlfriends

The Hubby came along as well

Nicole and her peace sign

Calculating the bill
~@lisha@ Meliss@~