Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Outing/Photography Competition


Sometime in April, mom's friend pass to the lil sis a photography competition form & the theme was - lake, flowers & (i can't remember the last one). Anyway the dateline for the competition is end of this month.

So eventhough, i was heavily pregnant @ that moment, i still went out with her to the Orchid park & Lake Garden. This time the outing was a bit tough for me, coz baby was getting heavier, so i kinda get tired quite easily, can't walk as much as before.

Anyway, the lil sis came to fetch me @ home at about 9.30am. Decided to head to McDonalds nearby my place to get the breakfast meal. So i got myself the pancakes... sis didn''t want anything, coz she pack for herself egg sandwich.

By the time we left McD, it was 10am... drop by King's Confectionery for a while to get some pastries, in case we were hungry later on.

By the time we reached the Orchid park it was already 10.30am. Park the car over at the KL Bird Park (since the Orchid Garden is just directly opposite the bird park). Cross the road, and head straight to the counter, where we paid RM 1 for the entry... and started shooting.

It was my 1st time being there, but the sis has been there for her college assignment before.. so she knows the place quite well. After some snapping of pictures and exploring, we found this one place near the hibiscus garden, where they had this orchids, that were hanging (they were more like creepers) from the veranda. So sis and i decided to snap some pictures.. coz it looks like the orchids were floating in mid air.

And since there were many request from friends out there, on how i look like now with my belly protruding, decided to ask the sis to snap some. My legs were totally exhausted and i had to seat occasionally to get my energy back.

Next stop, we went to a section where all the Orchid Plant vendors were station, i was so tempted to purchase some, but decided not too. Coz i bought one a year ago... didn't know how to manage it, and the plant end up dying... so no excuse. By the time we left the place it was already 12.30pm.

Walk back to our car, stayed in the air con to cool us down... ate some chicken pie, that was purchased earlier... rest for about 10 minutes, than headed to Lake Gardens. Before that, we stopped over at this road side vendor near the National Mosque, and decided to grab some fried nuggets and more mineral water, since we were running out of water.

Reached the lake gardens at around 1 something. Drove right in it, and took a stroll and started scouting for nice scenery's. Decided to go to certain sections in the park, since i did go there a year ago during the Flower Fest. Notice one part of the garden where they have this huge trees with umbrella like branches & leaves... and decided to take some snap shot of it. Sis and i even explored the timer on our SLR and took some portrait pictures of ourselves (as you have notice on our FB).

Next stop, was the lake itself, b'coz they have this bridge.. that has an old english look. Sadly, there were no swans swimming @ that moment, and the sky wasn't blue enough to make the photos more dramatic. After an hour, i decided to call it a day, and the sis and i walked back to the car. Rest as per normal, headed to Uma Rani for lunch - had banana leaf rice... *nyum *nyum...

I didn't take any pictures of the food i ate, due to the fact that i'm un-able to upload photos from my mobile.... (need to figure out soon)... so the above was taken from Google Image.

Anyway, by the time i reach home it was almost 3.30pm... took a cold shower, ablution, prayed and took a nap.

So now, it's been weeks since the sis uploaded the pictures on her external drive. Did some minor editing here and there, since the competition rules & regulations are quite strict. The sis is putting me in charge of the editing, since she's to busy with her college assignments. So gonna work on that this week... since there's only 2 weeks left before the closing date, and we have to produce both soft & hard copy... so pray that everything's gonna turn out right. Insyallah...

Till than... Salam.

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