Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Country's plan on stopping Subsidy


I'm sure, most of you are not too interested with the topic above, but since i've been staying at home, whenever i have my breakfast, i will have the daily STAR Newspaper right in front of me. So i've been keeping myself pretty updated with what's going on with our nation.

Few days back, there was an article at the front page of the STAR Newspaper, and sad to say, the country thinks that it's going to go bankrupt by 2019, if they don't cut down their subsidies. There will be price hike, for Petrol, Sugar, Flour and etc.... the next thing u know the nation will go bankrupt, why? b'coz there's no increase in INCOME!!!. So how would the government want to boost the country's economics, if the nation cannot afford to spend?

That's why, there was a short article today by a reporter from The Star, interviewing our ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, and i'm glad to say that i agree with what he has stated. He mentioned that though the subsidies has to be implemented gradually, the government also has to consider increasing the income of the nation. So do you think you'll agree with what he said? well i know i do.

For now, the best option to keep having a stable income for an individual, especially those with families, is to invest. What to invest? well i don't basically have any suggestions for now, but now would be the best time for most of us to start researching on things that are worth investing.

In the mean time, i hope that most of you all are well informed with the situation that''s going on in this country, and i hope you guys will start to take steps to prevent from any future difficulties in surviving in this country. All the best....

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