Friday, April 30, 2010

Adam's Birthday

16th April is the day hubby celebrates his 27th Birthday, yup his getting older... hehehe. Anyway, it fell on a Friday, so we thought he was going for his weekly Arabic class. Mama cooked a simple dinner, while i went out to King's Confectionary to get a Chocolate Birthday cake.

Thank God, we had two fridge, one was in the kitchen, while the other was at the outside kitchen. I hid the cake, in the fridge that was located at the outside kitchen.

The hubby came back from work, took his bath as per-usual, than i notice he was looking for a birthday cake. We lied and told him, that we didn't purchase any birthday cake. Somehow mid-way dinner, mama accidentally blurped out about the birthday cake, but we changed the story and said that koko (brother-in-law) is going to get it, before he comes over.

When he did come he said he forgot to buy the birthday cake. Pity the husband, coz he look a little disappointed. By the time everyone was done with their dinner, i brought out the cake, he looked so happy:-

Hubby: I somehow knew u lied....
Me: Yalah, yalah.... Happy Birthday...

He blew the candles, Farhana (niece)... thought it was her birthday... kids these days... sigh.

Raya Qur'ban in Tanah Merah, Kelantan.


So it was the time of the year, when Muslim's celebrate Hari Raya Qur'ban/Raya Haji. We decided to slaughter a goat this year for Mama, as she just converted. But b'coz 'Ayah' (sis-in-laws dad), wasn't able to find one at the last minute, so he ended up purchasing a sheep.

We left for Tanah Merah, at about 9am, and by the time we reached there it was almost 6 something in the evening. Due to the jam in the lil towns that we pass and the over crowding at public toilets at the R&R.

Anyway, alhamdullilah we reached our destination safely. After refreshing and praying, we went to check out the sheep that Ayah bought for Mama's Qur'ban, it looks huge (sori didn't take any pictures). So than, Mak (sis-in-laws mum) made us dinner, we chit-chat, and went off to sleep by 12am or so.

The next morning was Raya Qur'ban, Mak prepared nasi lemak for breakfast, and than we decided to get ready to go to the Mosque for Raya Qur'ban prayers, but i guess we were late, coz by the time we pass the Mosque and the Surau's nearby, the Imam's were already giving their Khutbah. Probably, it was b'coz it was a Friday, so the Raya Qur'ban prayers could have started earlier. We decided to head back to 'Ayah's house, an hour later, all the man in the house were called to the back, coz the Imam had arrived to recite some prayers, before the sheep is slaughtered.

By the time i went to check it out, the sheep has already been slaughtered and they are removing the coat of fur that was once was on the sheep. I'm looking at the hubby helping out 'Abeh' (sis-in-law's brother), from a far. He looks like he was disgusted with it, but just have to put a brave face on. Anyway, it took almost 2 hours for them to clean, cut and coat the sheep's meat with 'chalk powder' so it doesn't smell. Mak used all the meat to cooked up a gulai. By noon, a feast was prepared for relatives and friends to come and feast. It didn't taste that bad, but i'm glad i didn't have to witness the slaughtering, i always find it hard to hear animals moaning, when they're about to be slaughtered. But it seems, the sheep somehow knew it was going to be slaughtered, so when they put it to lie on the ground, it just obeyed without retaliating.

We stayed in Kelantan for another 2 days, and decided to head home. This time Wong, followed us in the car. And that is the first time, i experienced having bad nausea and vomitting. Practically the dinner i had at the R&R were all flushed out of my stomach, i never had a bad experience like this before. That was when my vomitting experience started. Ever since we got back from Kelantan, i've been enduring it, up till i'm 5 months pregnant. Sigh, i guess that's what you have to go through when you wanna have a baby ^_^

I'm Pregnant!!!

Well i know this post is kinda late, since i'm on my 8 months now. Haven't had the mood to blog ever since i started having nausea and all.

What actually happen was, i missed my period, did the pregnancy test, but it still showed as negative. So after two weeks have pass, Mama and i decided to go to a clinic to confirm... but sadly even their pregnancy test didn't show a positive result.

A week later, we decided to go to Dr. Viji's clinic (who happens to be Adam's customer), and he did a scan, and the urine test. Urine test says negative, the scan showed some shadows... he told us "give another 2 weeks and than come back".

So after two weeks, we went back and did and ultrasound. This time, it's confirmed... I'm PREGNANT!!!... "Your gonna be a father soon", said the doctor to Adam... he was so happy, coz we were planning for one.

I didn't have nausea for the first two months, it was only later on that i started 'gagging' but no vomitting... so it was ok, but the body feels different, i guess as all pregnancies are like that. My sense of smell has gotten even more sensitive, i can't smell rice cooking, i can't smell garlic or onions... everything seems to make me feel sick and nausea. But alhamdullilah, i only end up 'gagging'. Oh and another thing, i started being choosy with food, which was kinda hard for the 'hubby' coz sometimes my request are pretty extreme.... ^_^


Assalamulaikum, i know it's been pretty long since i last updated this blog. Insyallah, i'll be able to update what ever i haven't been updating since last November. Many things have happen, both bad and good, and this is one way i can keep track on what i've been doing for the past few months. For now, i'm gonna get back to writing, and insyallah there'll be a lot of updates. ^_^