Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flee Market Shopping @ Curve!!!!

This is actually kinda late, but coming from me a person who's so tied up with 9-5 job, really have no other way to update my blog, but to do it on weekends.

So what actually happen, was the day after my birthday, which was the 3rd of May. I decided to go for shopping, since payday was few days back. Decided to call Aiwei again to come go have some shopping spree with me at Curve. First we were thinking whether to check out the sale in Bangsar Shopping Centre, but somehow Miss Lil Aiwei bump into a blog the night before, and it said that all the nice stuff has already gone. So next idea, is to go to Curve since my intention is to buy a lot of nice stuff for a small amount of price.

Left at about 2pm, almost reaching the toll, suddenlly Amanda (my lil sister) told me, your purse is not in the handbag.... "WHAT!!!!", imagine driving for 15 minutes without a driving license 'siou', luckily no police stop me. Quickly head to the nearest Petronas to pump petrol, than head to Miss Lil Aiwei's house to fetch her.. than headed back home.

When everything settle, by the time we reached Curve it's already 3pm, and the weather was cloudy, thank God it was only a drizzle than later it was just a nice cloudy sky. So we shop and shop and shop.... i was so happy.. Amanda's happy... Miss Lil Aiwei, i think she's happy coz she got this nice red giraffe chain, but sorry no picture ah. Had our lunch only at 5pm... than walk around IKANO, got myself a pair of sandals, since my current pair that i have, the sole is totally gone... gotta go fix it up... by the time reach home it was already 8.30pm. But i enjoyed myself a lot... i really did...

Cherry studs for RM 3.00

4 pair of flower clips for RM 10.00

Colourful Pebbel Necklace for RM 10.00

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 22nd Birthday

So yes, i know this is kinda late and everything, but yes my birthday was on the 2nd of May (Friday) and guess what mom's in Bandung, and had a small misunderstanding the night before with 'da'. Well no worries everything settled before i went off to sleep and got up with a swollen eyes to work... it's horrible.

Went to work.. the first thing i saw was a huge gift on my table, see, see Cynthia (my senior manager) gave me a present. Than Kak Nurul was the first to wish me "Happy Birthday" on that very day... so started off the day as per normal.. than suddenlly Kak Nurul ask me to go over her place and she took out a gift... This lovely amber coloured necklace and also a wallet with the word Anna Sui over it haha... Anyway thanks to my whole dept for taking such a big effort to make my day a good one.

Than i got a call from 'da' and guess what i was so sad to hear that we actually couldn't celebrate my birthday together, coz he had been postponing the trip to Ipoh & Penang to meet his aunties... so i couldn't help it, i wish i could ask him to stay with me, but no coz 'blood is obviously thicker than water', what can i say about that. Family always come first.. so fine, was so sad that i had tears running down my face.

Anyway don't want to tell so detail, all i know 2 hours before 5.30pm... Quickly had a quick chat with my Lil Miss Aiwei.. and than sms Clare to tell her that i won't be celebrating my birthday, and guess what this wonderful friend of mine did... she planned out everything for the night. So yeah basically i don't need to blog here about what happen on that night as Ms. Lil Aiwei and Clare has already covered on the story... you can go check out their blog at my favourite blog links.

In the mean time i shall entertain all of you with the edited pictures, taken by my faithfull EOS 400D camera, of all the gifts that i've gotten for my birthday... have fun...

The present from the Monthly Piggy Bank in the Office

Earrings from Suzanne aka my Manager

The Special momento all the way from Bandung - From MUM ^_^

*P.S: 'Da' you still owe me a dinner and a gift, and yes i have thick skin, you better make up
to it fast... or was last night's dinner 'the dinner'? hmmm...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yvonne's Wedding on 1st May 2008

This is the best and the most meaningful wedding that' i've attended, that it makes you cry. I'm serious no kiddin, never have i attended a wedding that' s not protocoal at all. I mean normally the weddings that we attend are all boring and very very serious, not lively at all. But this time it was different, probably b'coz both Yvonne and her new beloved husband are from Full Gospel Hall group, who are well known for their lively songs and full spirited worshippers.

So my colleagues and i decided to carpool, and meet up at the office itself. Teoh drove so my manager, Suzanne and myseld tumpang aka carpool his car, i brought my trusty new camera, to get some snap shots and all... but sad to say i think i was a lil intimidated that there were other 'official' photographers for the wedding.

Before the wedding started, i decided to try my skills on my colleagues... as you can see below... hahaha.. i also took some shots in the hall where the wedding is to be held.

Hendrick trying to be cheeky

My colleagues - Kak Ina, Ramesh Henrick, Teoh (can't see his face) and Kak Leha

The backdrop

The crowd aka witnesses

The stage from the view where i'm sitting

The backdrop was done by Yvonne's sister, coz she took up interior designing... so cute right..

Ok, so lets get back to the real story, the bride at last arrive in the arms of her father, they walk down the isle... and she looks so beautiful, not the usual Yvonne that i know of. Than past her hand to Joseph, and they took their sit. Than the commentators did a short bible reading from Corrinthians chapter 16, i think, where God talks about men and women becoming one. Ok before that i have to say that the whole event was in Mandarin, but thank God, there are certain parts, where there was a translator.

So than it was time for the pastor to give his speech, first he start praising them, than he ask both of them individually, what made them attracted to one another, than it came to the part, where he gave each othem 5 tips on how to be a good wife and husband... this was actually the best part... coz the pastor called the rib as 'bak kut teh'. He was actually mentioning about a phrase in Genesis, whereby a women is made out of the rib of the man. So what happen was the pastor said " You know like Bak Kut Teh"... so that was kinda funny.

5 tips for Joseph aka Yvonne's Husband/ Applies for All Men.

1. Is to love your wife always. Tell her you love her, hold her hands and give her hug whenever possible, coz women like men to tell them that they are loved. Plus your taking anothers mans daughter in Marriage, so in this case you should shower her with more love than her parents ever loved.

2. Is to protect her, if there is anybody who come to 'buli' her, you need to protect her.

3. Support her in everything she does, if she likes shopping follow her, if she likes baking, bake with her. Than the pastor gave an e.g "You see i'm a very active person, but when it comes to my wife shopping, i always feel tired and lazy." So support her.

Can't remember the other two actually, anyway's it's a good 5 tips. Than came Yvonne's turn,

5 tips for Yvonne/ Applies for All Women.

1. To love you husband and give him all. Tell him you always care for him and love him. Tell him " Lei how man, ah" translation "Your so Manly".... (mel: hahahaha).

2. Always boost his ego by complimenting him. Eventhough the thing could be something small. Man likes to be praise.

3. Always tell him how you feel, coz we men can never read a women's mind. Women like to expect the man to know how they feel, but the thing is we (men) don't know. So please talk to him.

4. To support him in everything he does, God chose him to serve the church and the people. So you need to be patient and understanding.

I can't actually remember the 5th tip that he gave... but it was really interesthing that the pastor actually gave such an advice. Anyway what move me the most is the last 4 tips that he gave to every couple that was there, but especially Yvonne and her new hubby Joseph. This are the 4 tips that he mention:-

1. To always give in by saying sorry to one another.
2. To submit to yourself for the things that has happen and say that "It's not only you who made the mistake, it's also my fault".
3. ?????? (forgot adi).
4. To always say "I Love You" to one another.

So that was one of the most meaning ful part of the whole wedding. The other meaningful part, was when it was time for the newly wed to give their respective speech. Yvonne's husband was already in tears, when he thank everyone, didn't quite understand coz it was all in Mandarin, but i understand that he was thanking everyone for helping him to organize his wedding, thank Yvonne's sister for the wonderful backdrop (by the way she majored in Interior Design).

Than it came to Yvonne's turn, she said "At last I'm Married" ... hahaha we all laughed, coz it was so funny for her to say that. She thank her parents, her grandma, her family, and she said especially her colleagues, than she was asking where were we.. and we all raise our hands and said "Here, here" so she said thanks for coming.

Than later there were the signing of the matrimonial papers, performance from the kids in her church. Than the blessings, after that it was the end. Than the couple waited at the entrance, shake everyone's hands.. gave her hug and said congratulations.. than we all went to the makan place. Half way makan, they said ok let's take a group picture, so we all went leaving our food for a while. It just looks so wrong... ^_^ So yeah that's the end of this happy wedding i attended too...

The newlyweds
Exchanging of vows

The emotional speech by the bride and groom

The newlyweds... all the best to both of you!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Me new Laptop and SLR D400

As we all knew, the PC fair, that was on 3 weeks ago, i think it was a success as every year, coz the amount of human beings in one place, is way a lot. Went on Sunday, coz mom, sis and i has been planning to get a laptop and myself have always wanted to make my interest in photography something serious.

So i drove all the way to Bangsar office, took the LRT and guess what there
were no aircorn... I guess the whole cabin was filled with carbon dioxide, it was so hard to breath. When we reach KLCC, it was a relief for me. Mom and sis, quickly when to buy the return ticket first, coz was so afraid that the queu might be too long when we leave. Than on the way to go to KLCC.. we saw this couple pulling this cart, the one that you use to go to market, but this time it's carrying a CANON printer, so i was like "Huh... so ganas wan ah, bring trolly.. hehehe"...

Ok carry on, we just follow, the crowd and went through the KLCC park to go over to KL Convention Centre. I tell you, the organize are stupid enough to separate everything in different, different halls... it's weird... and just to get into one, u have to go up all the way to the 3rd floor and walk this stupid length of barrier.

Ok cut story short, to find a blinking laptop for a really good price, is so hard, for the fact that none of us have good knowledge and experience with computer, all we do is check email, do assignments, as long as it runs it's good enough for us. So yeah i had to keep calling 'da' to ask him what is the basic neccesity in a good laptop, after getting all the info, quickly go fine the best laptop. When to ACER and guess what they sold the last laptop.... aaarrrrggghhh... now have to go find another brand.... so decided to check DELL, guess what it was so crowded, and they were smart, coz their concept is that they don't give you the laptop upon payment.

They will actually send it to your home within two weeks. So pick the apple green cover, coz it looks nice, Black looks to common, and white scared later dirthy. So mom had to queu up to swipe her card. Oh, earlier we actually browse for a camera, and yes my dreams came through... mom decided to buy me a camera.. and i love it. Though i'm still lost on how to use the camera, even after reading the manual... but hey i'm learning ok... and look at the end product after using the camera... experimenting is a step of success in capturing a picture of beauty and perfection.

Besides that i actually bump into 3 friends, first was Calvin, whose my cousin brother's friend, didn't see him for so long, since college days. 2nd was James, the camera dude from Malaysian Salsa Fest, well... i wish i could take pictures like him... it always turns out good.. anyway we did discuss that if his going for any photography activity, he'll give me a call. The last person i bump into was Patrick & Ian...

Hehe anyway, left the place at abt 5.00pm. Quickly collected my camera bag, walk straight to Burger King to ta pau our lunch cum dinner. Than took LRT to go back to Bangsar, mom had to go back to work coz she has some compilation of report for the Quarterly Announcement. So sent her, than quickly go back home...