Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Phase in My Life

I took up Mass Comm.... when i was in college.... never thought that some day i will have the chance to work in this industry...

Last Friday, my life started buzzing again... with working life... as i've been bumming for almost few months after getting married, and it's good to be back working and learning something new. Anyway, as most close friends would know... my close friend Clare and i have started up this casting agency... loads of opportunity's have been knocking our door and i can't thank Allah enough for blessing us with such chances. 

We were able to have our very own talents for a few adverts, and one of it is already out on air. I can say that both of us are pretty proud with ourselves for being able to have our very own talents on the ad itself. 

Now, our life is getting even more busier everyday.... Clare has been going out with our sidekick Azman... to look for talents... and it's not an easy job.. you really need to have the people skill in this... which i am currently lacking off... hmmmm. While i am stuck in the production house... doing casting... We have quite huge projects in our hands right now... and we really hope to get our talents in this time also....

Things has been turning up quite good, getting good comments from directors are basically good testimonial to us.... so insyallah will have more chance... and insyallah will be bless with more 'rezeki'....

~@lisha Meliss@~

Makan-makan @ Penang Express, Selayang Mall

Last Saturday, hubby's Aikido class was cancelled.... while i had to work till 8pm and only got back home by 8.30pm. Mama wasn't around, so we decided to head for dinner somewhere outside. I didn't feel like eating any heavy.... so we were thinking and thinking where to eat, and later decided to try out Penang Express, since koko (the brother in law) said... that they're food is really nice.

Anyway, we headed there... as usual it's very hard to find parking outside, so we had to park inside Selayang Mall itself. Once we were there, the hubby ordered Char Kuey Teow... and i ended up ordering this Fried Rice Sweet Sour Chicken... and additional 'Chicken Lobak'. As for the drinks... the hubby ordered Filtered water while i decided to order one of Penang's well known drink the 'Ambula Juice with Asam Boi'.....

'Lobak - RM6.90'

Ice Water & Penang 'Char Kuey Teow'

'Ambula Juice with Asam Boi - RM4.5o'

'Fried Rice Sweet Sour Chicken - RM 8/9 something'

I miss the way 'Ambula' juice tasted... enjoyed our meals.... and by the time we left it was almost 10:30pm.... the shops were all closed so didn't manage to shop.... sigh.... and that is how the day ended....

~@lisha Meliss@~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adele's Farewell @ Paddington House of Pancake

As per the title, it's obvious enough that this post is about Adele's Farewell. She was due to leave on Friday, and Clare and i both manage to catch up with her for makan and also a movie.

So we were suppose to meet up earlier to check out a movie at 11.15 am.... but ended up all of us came late, so we decided to catch 'Obsessed' starring Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter at 1.40pm show. I bought the tickets, and we later met up at Paddington House of Pancake.

It was basically my 2nd time being in this restaurant, and basically i was clueless with what to order for our 'branch'.... somehow manage to order this pancake which was filled with mince meat, mix with some spaghetti sauce and green pepper. Plus there was mashed potato and tomatoes with salad.
The portion may look small, but it's pretty filling for a small eater like me. Would recommend this for people who don't mind having filling similar to a spaghetti sauce in a wrap pancake.

After 'branch', we decided to do some window shopping around Curve... went over to Nichii to see whether there were anything nice to get, all 3 decided to tried out come clothes just for fun. But somehow Clare ended up with one nice shirt top, while Adele and i ended up empty handed.... hehehe...

Next, we headed straight to Cineleisure to check out the movie, before heading straight to the theatre room, we bought some tid bits and i decided to get a popcorn. Once we were in the cinema, guess what.... the whole cinema was only occupied with us 3 and two other couples.... (wow.... that's my 1st)

Anyway, the movie is great.... one movie line that i have not watched before... basically about a crazy women going after this married man.... and bla, bla... bla.... The movie made me appreciate my marriage life more in some certain aspects. We will never know that maybe one day we might be involve into something that is similar to that movie storyline. But insyallah, i will not have to face such crisis.

Once the movie was done, we headed to Starbucks to get some drinks as Clare and i had to have some serious discussion.... once that was done, we headed back home.

Anyway, I pray that Adele will have the strength and the faith to stay strong while she's in Perth. Enjoy and expose yourself to as many things and places as you can while your still there. Study smart and play hard.... and most importantly, do remember that you have family and friends that are continuing loving and caring for you.... though your so far away.

'May God Be With You Always'

~@lish@ Meliss@~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Album - Collected!!!!

YEAH!!!! at last after a whole more than a month of waiting, i can now have my bridal photo album pictures and the additional CD along - in which i have to pay extra by the way..

Anyway, love the pictures and the things they did with the album, not forgetting a huge blown up photo of me and the hubby, and it looks so lovely. The only problem now, is where are we gonna hang it.... hmmm.

So gonna post up the photos soon insyallah.... but the hubby has to give the green light first.. coz certain shots are only meant for WOMEN to see and not other men and due to the fact that my blog is public, anyone can access it easily....hmmmm ok i guess that's all for now. Stay tune alright.....

~@lisha meliss@~

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Congratulations Darling for getting 3rd Que

This is actually kinda late coming from me, last 2 Sundays ago, i followed hubby for his Aikido grading, which was held in Bangi instead of their original training place which is in Darul Ehsan Club (KDE).

I wish i brought my SLR that day, but i didn't.... and currently waiting to get a cable for my new handphone, so that i could transfer out my pictures.

Anyway, back to the story. We were there sharp 11am, hubby when to register himself and started to dress up. While he was warming up, i was busy warming up with Anwar's 2 year old daughter.... hehehe.

So there was a short briefing.... that it was time for the test. They started calling people according to which Que (grades) that your gonna do. So when it come to 4th Que... hubby was called with 3 other students. Hubby chose Anwar to be his 'ukay' (attacker)... first of all, i do have to explain that even though Aikido maybe a form of Martial art from Japan, but it is more of a self defense, as they normally use their hands instead of their legs.

Anyway, seeing the hubby performing, i felt that he didn't give his best.... but anyway's at least he tried.

After eyeryone had been graded, than the Sensei decided to inform... that they've notice a bunch of people who performed quite well and this people have already pass the Que's that they took earlier. Now the thing is, this bunch of people actually have the priviliged to take up their next Que. For e.g if you were originally graded for the 6th Que... you can now grade yourself for 5th Que.

So the hubby was one of those that were selected, this means he is able to be graded for 3rd Que.... conclusion is he did well.... and most of them who were selected to further their grading... passed the examination.

There were photo session and giving of certs to each students... and i so wish i had my SLR but i didn't... and it sucks coz the phone wasn't able to capture a good picture... sigh... anyways:-

'Congratulations Darling!!!!'

Monday, July 6, 2009

KLUE Urbanscapes 2009 (Full Edition)

Alright.... enough of waiting.... i'm just gonna throw everything out now....

Anyway the sis picked me up at about 1 something... and by the time we got to KLPAC it was already 2pm. Cars were everywhere... so we had to find a slot somewhere, and had to walk about less than 5 minutes to the booth to get our wrist bands.

Once the wrist bands are on... we headed straight to the Market place... there were loads of vendors, loads of things were sold on that day... but i was really trying my best to not spend my money. The lil sis bought this cute handphone hanger (didn't get a picture of it).... anyway after scouting around we decided to start looking around for Kak Murni (Mimpi Murni).

So we manage to find her booth.... and guess what this time... she has her own handmade lip balm... there were two flavors if i can remember it correctly

1) Cucumber Lemon
2) Manggo Peach

Anyway the lil sis and i got the 2nd flavor coz it smells so yummy..... i got the stick version which was only (RM10) while the lil sis got the small jar (RM5)....

Later... we just decided to hang around.... and drop over to the KLUE official booth to get the official KLUE Urbanscapes t-shirt... but some how the 'S' size was out of stock... and the 'M' size was just to baggy for us.... so we didn't get any. Than we head to Tongue N Chic booth... and they were giving out bags for free.... but you have to take picture with a Mooks banner first... so once we did that, lil sis and i got the bags for free....

Next, we headed to the Bubble Tea booth.... it was a really long queue.. and pretty expensive too RM4 (when you can get the same thing in Petaling Street for RM3 only).... while waiting, there were this bunch of actors which was doing a life act...

Later we went into KLPAC building itself, they had arts exhibition, they were giving out loads of postcards from kakiseni... than we thought of heading to the X lawn Stage... but the life acts was only gonna start at 4:00pm.

After that we just decided to walk around grab some bites and decided to go around the Market place again. This time lil sis manage to get two t-shirts for RM35, while i didn't get any, coz there was nothing that caught my eye.

Next, we decided to seat somewhere, so i can enjoy my kebab... and once we heard the music buzzing, we headed straight to the X Lawn... Pop Shuvit was performing... their oncore was 'Mara Bahaya'.... than came Yuna... never heard her songs before... but somehow began to love it... she even mentioned that she brought her EP Album along incase anyone would want to get their hands on it, & lil sis and i bought it with her autograph on it as well.

All and all, i feel it wasn't exciting as last year... coz i didn't manage to do any shopping.... but it was a good first hand experience for the lil sis, as it was her first time there. Shall wait for next year.... and see what to expect... anyway more pictures as promise.

Till than...... Assallamualaikum.....

(Credits to M. Farhan Ahmad - For Kak Murni's pictures)

The new 'baby'

As ironic as it is with the title.... i'm so glad that the one month of waiting has ended. The 'baby' is here... and the hubby is pretty protective... i wonder how it will be when the real baby comes... hahaha...

Anyway, i'm glad the car is here adi.... was able to do the tinting yesterday, now my only worry is to get used with the car... till than....