Monday, June 29, 2009

KLUE Urbanscapes 2009

As mentioned in my earlier blog.... my sister and i bought the tickets to the event... we went and spent almost 4 hours there.... Lots of vendors in the bazaar section... lots of F&B booth and not forgetting live performances from local artist, sketch, arts, photos, sun, sweat and yes local celebrities too.... Was able to get a free bag from Tongue & Chic Booth... bump into Kak Murni from Mimpi Murni (coz she was one of the vendors too)... bought something from her.... and lots more.... won't be elaborating much on this post.... pictures with the lil sis... once i get the pictures... it will be a pretty long post.... hahaha.... till than take care....

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2 Inspirational stars... An Angel & the King of Pop

The news has been going around since their death.... E-news has been covering on it and showing their THS (True Hollywood Story). Channel V, MTV & Radio stations around has been airing his songs as a tribute... and guess what even Pop Shuvit tried to sing 'Smooth Criminal' as a tribute to the King of Pop during their performance at Urbanscapes 2009.

Farrah Fawcett, one of the angels in Charlie's Angels past away due to anal cancer on 26th of June (Malaysian time).... though i do not know her that well... but i'm sure she has left a certain mark on people's life, especially those who used to catch the series on TV.

May she R.I.P and condolence to her family members.....

Next is Michael Jackson.... we have known him through the years when he was still in Jackson 5.... singing our favorite songs for e.g "I want you back", "ABC" and etc. Than came the time when Michael became a solo artist coming up with albums such as Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and History (1995). I still remember those times when i used to be a little girl, and my dad used to play the album 'Bad' on the cassette player and i will dance to his songs.

But one experience i can't forget, was when Breakthru (the dance team) decided to use 'Bit It' as one of our performance during my ex-company annual dinner. It was one of the most memorable experience i could ever remember. He will be deeply miss by most of us and insyallah his in a better place right now. We love you Michael....

May you Rest In Peace

Michael Jackson
(1958 - 2009)

(Ref: Wikipedia & JustJared)

Transformers review

I'm sure by now, most of you guys might have catch the movie adi... well practically it's an awesome movie. A must see movie this summer.... especially if you love Transformers.

The storyline has not changed much... lots of new characters in it... an exciting plot as always... and the main character that i've been waiting for so long 'OPTIMUS PRIME'.... love him always.... Megan Fox hot as ever...

Those of you who have not catch it... please go watch it... I'm sure it'll be played for more than a month or so. The family wants to go watch it for 2nd round, this time gotta force the hubby to tag along.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen

Yes!!!! manage to reserve the tickets for next Wednesday's 3pm screening at GSC Midvalley... how cool is that. Was a bit worried at first, coz it was a buzz on FB about tickets being sold out and all. Don't think it'll be my first time watching it... coz the hubby's not coming along, he happens to work by the way. This time i'll be going with the lil sis, lil bro and mom... yup mom's taking leave to watch the movie with us, she's been waiting for it too.... hahaha.

Hopefully once the hubby makes up his mind when he is free, i'll be making my way to IMAX theatre to purchase those tickets. IMAX theatre, in Times Square, happens to have a screen which is 5x larger than any other screen cinema's which also equals to the ticket price being more which is about RM15. But it's really cool, coz the surround system is just perfect.... those of you who has never been there... should check it out one day.

Anyway can't wait to watch it... so insyallah i'll be able to blog about it next week... hehehe. Till than take care.... Assallamualaikum....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Movies & Tickets to Urbanscapes 2009

Wow.... things has been going pretty busy lately.... but not gonna mentioned about it here... anyway's lately i was able to check out the new movie in the theatre's... well it's not new anymore, coz i'm sure most of you guys have watched it... went to check it out with the lil sis and the cousin sister.... yes it's not other than 'Angels & Demons'.

I think it's a really nice show with an exciting storyline and a really good plot. I didn't feel bored at all.... as the movie just keeps giving you more and more expectations to it. Anyway i'm not gonna have a boring review of it (coz i'm bad at giving reviews sometimes... hahaha). Conclusion is it's a good movie, not to be missed. Those who didn't have the opportunity to check it out, please get an original copy of it... when it comes out... or for those who have ASTRO... you will definitely get to see it by end of this year or next year.

Next thing, is the KLUE Urbanscapes is coming up next weekend... and i can't wait to go... it's in KLPAC again... which is pretty near to my parents house.. hehehe.... Last year i went to check out with the cousin sister, this year the lil sis wants to join along... so last Tuesday we went out to The Gardens.... coz lil sis did her research earlier (which is, certain selected Borders outlet was selling the tickets at a promotional price). The current price right now for the tickets is RM25, if you buy it on the day itself... it will be RM35.

But here's the deal, Borders was going to sell it for RM45 for a pair of tickets. Which basically means RM 22.50 for each ticket.... so... imagine when we went over to ask the tickets... the guy actually said... this is the last pair of tickets... (yes... it's totally sold out over there). Wow.... a real close call... if not i guess Amanda and i will be wasting our time and effort. After purchasing the tickets we went browsing around the magazine corner and the books corner... was searching for the Little Black Dress corner... till Amanda found it. They had so many new titles... some old ones too, which i have not read yet... was so tempted to buy some for myself... but i can't due to lack of cash. And the book is getting pricier too... it used to be RM19.90... but now is RM21.90... wow RM2 more.... hmmm... anyway i have two more books to read first (it was given by the lil sis for Christmas)... currently reading the one below

Once it's done..... i can read the next one.... but knowing me,.... i like to keep at least 1 or 2 books in stock... so at least when i'm done. I know i have the other one on standby to read... hehe... as weird as it may sound... that's me.

Hope this years KLUE Urbanscapes will have more to offer... it seems there'll be 100 vendors in the bazaar.... yes shopping... but have to be more thrifty this time.... and loads of photo's... can't wait for it... till than... take care guys...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lonely Weekend with The Hubby

Mama (Mother-in-law) followed koko (Brother-in-law) to Kelantan with his family on Friday evening, they left the house 20 minutes before i reached home... so ok Adam and i decide to have dinner at Al-dini's it's somewhere in Greenwood, nearby Sri Gombak. The restaurant normally cater Kelantanese food, for e.g. Tom Yam, Telur Dadar, Ikan Masak 3 Rasa, Kailan Ikan Masin and etc. Anyway, Adam and i decide to just order Nasi Goreng Udang and Tomyam campur for dinner.

Once dinner was done, Adam left me at home all alone while he goes and attend his Arabic class. So i had the whole house for solid 1 1/2 hours, and due to boredom i started blogging and checking my mail while watching the Kardashian on E. The father-in-law came back later, and Adam came back half an hour later.

On Saturday we took our time waking up, coz we didn't have anything to do.... so we got up like 12.30pm... each took our bath... the father-in-law was on leave... Adam did up the bed, while i went to operate the washing machine. Close to 2pm we decide to have brunch at Giant... had Ayamas for brunch and later went for grocery shopping.

Adam bought this chain for his office gate, so while we were there i tried out the massage chair... hehehe.... it was ticklish at first but then i got used to it, and it continued for 15 minutes. Once i was done, we headed back home and it was already 5pm. Unpacked the groceries, hang out the clothes and did the second batch of washing... coz it was time to change the bed sheet, pillow case and quilt cover.

By than, it was time to get ready coz Adam's Aikido class starts at 8.30pm. We went to fetch the hubby's bestie first (Raziff) and headed to Darul Ehsan Club, Ampang where the class is being held. Was watching the 'sensei' showing some new moves and the best part of the whole training is seeing Adam in action... hehehe. You see, before i dated Adam... he used to take up Aikido classes... but than he stopped, so after a few years he got back to it again and now it's been almost a year. So yes... back to the topic.... the best part is seeing your own husband being thrown around by his sensei.... i actually took a video... but b'coz i don't have a cable for the phone, i'm un-able to share with you guys yet. Insyallah i'll have the chance to show it to you guys.

After training all three of us headed to 'Studio 5' where the hubby, koko and their friends normally hang out after training. By the time we reached home it was almost 12am and head to bed by 2am.

The next morning we woke up an hour earlier, than the previous day. Freshen up, hang out the laundry as normal... than the hubby thought of going out to eat, but i decided to cook Spaghetti... and somehow the hubby requested for nuggets and drummets... by the time everything was done it was 2pm.... Everything was just nice, till it came to the nuggets... hahaha... i think i forgot to fry it under a small fire... so it kinda turn brown on the outside, before the inside was properly cooked... haha... the hubby had to recook it again... at the end, everything was finished... laze around for a while.. and back to house chores again.. and all the hubby did was just watching TV.... hmmmmm....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hanging Out

Trying to blog as often as i can, so that i don't loose touch on my writing side... hehehe. Anyway's the lil sister had to pass up her assignments today, and guess what i decided to go out with her and the cousin sister. Yes... i manage to drive my lil 'ferrari', coz mom doesn't allow me to drive the car anymore... since i'm no longer staying with them. But somehow the lil sis will ask me to drive, coz she doesn't know the road as well as i do... hahaha.

So after sending lil sis assignment... we drove all the way to Bandar Utama to fetch the cousin sis. The journey there itself was jam from TTDI. Sigh.... i think we were stuck like 15 minutes, than the other hassle was to get a car park in One Utama... imagine going around looking for car park for 15-20 minutes.... it's nuts i tell you. Never go during school holidays.... it's a killer.

Anyway we saw this dude that was about to leave.... sempat to 'smile' also... hahaha.. so sweet. Got out of the car, first thing we were thinking was food... yes imagine it's 2pm and us three have not touch any food since morning. Was so hungry, couldn't figure out what to eat... plus i need to take into consideration that i can only eat 'halal' food. At last we just decided to eat McDonalds, i guess you all would know by now... it wasn't 3pm yet, so the offer is still on.... bought 3 sets of meal and it only came up to RM18... so it was quite worthlah.

Than we stop by Body Shop, thinking that i could redeem my RM35 of product, but i can't coz everything in the shop was on sale... sigh.... anyway bought the Body Shop shower gel with the Promeganate scent... 2 for RM 34.50... quite cheap, coz the original price is RM 24.90 each bottle.

Than we decide to drop by an optical shop coz ms Ai Wei need to fix her specs... while lil sis and i decide to check out the clothes in Nichii... the clothes are nice, but due to lack of fund in my bank didn't buy anything. Than we just walk around... hoping from one shop to another... notice that MPH was having a small book sale so we decided to check it out. Manage to get a handphone strap, while the cousin sis got a keychain (paid for it, due to her birthday few days ago). Than we drop by Diva... to check out any nice things... the lil sis got herself a birdie necklace... but i don't have a picture of it now...

Next thing we did was drop by Ms. Read cafe and i got their signature cupcakes with the lil gummy bears.. coz the hubby loves it. While waiting for the cupcakes... we grab the latest Tongue&Chic magazine... more like a booklet, but due to the cute pictures on the cover... we just couldn't help but grab the May & June issue.

We were running late, so we left Oen Utama by 5.15pm.... head back home... coz the hubby was all alone (he finished work early today), the mother-in-law followed the brother-in-law and family to Kelantan... suppose to have a quiet weekend together with the husband all alone at home... but somehow the father-in-law decided's to take leave.... aaarrrggghhhh....
no peace adi.... huhuhuhu.... well hope to catch a decent movie with the hubby this Sunday... ^_^

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life Is Fragile

Last night after eating Satay with the family, hubby and i headed to my parents house to visit them. Dad just came back from his trip to Australia, where the cousin brother and his family is residing now, and guess what he got me and hubby.... koala keychains.... sigh.... but at least something lah... hehehe

So anyway we left the house at about 11.30pm, coz hubby had to help the dad with his new laptop. I decided to be the one driving back home.... while we were taking the u-turn, we saw an accident happening right in front of our eyes. It was a hit n run. The idiot Wira knocked an uncle who was on the bike and he just sped off. While hubby and i was the one watching the uncle being flown in the air and dropped on the road. First thing i did was stop the car, put the emergency lights and came out of the car.

Hubby was to panicked to do anything, i had to basically scream at him, and asked him to go and see the uncle. Had to move the car and parked it at the nearest bus stop. Hubby called the ambulance, more ppl rushed to the scene. Alhamdullilah the uncle was still alive and concious. The uncle who happens to be an indian muslim (coz i heard him saying 'insyallah') was lying on his face. Two men slowly roll him over, so that he could lay on his back. A plain cloth police man approached me and asked whether i witness the accident and i said yes. Thank god another person got the number plate of the car.

Took some tissue, and pass it to this 'anne' who was wiping the uncle's face coz it was covered with blood. Another guy took the uncle's handphone and asked the uncle for his family's number. The ambulance and his family member came at the same time. We decided to give the 'daughter' (i think) some money due to the uncle's condition. We only left the scene, once the ambulance left.

Sigh, my heart felt so heavy to see the uncle in that condition. He was an innocent victim of a hit and run. I hope that driver that committed the accident will face his punishment soon, at the same time i hope the uncle will recover well from his injury.

As we muslim's believe, those ppl who have done bad things on us or the opposite, we will be able to meet them on judgement day. So we have to be weary at all times with what we say and do....