Monday, May 3, 2010

What Happen on my Birthday

Assalamualaikum to all.....

The wishes started puring in after the clock stroked 12am... and it continued on till the next morning. Hubby went out for a supper cum meet up with one of his down line and only came back at 1am... that is when i hear him wishing me "Happy Birthday Darling"...

Anyway, that is not the main story of this blog. My mum, auntie Phena, sis, bro, hubby and i decided to go visit nanny (mom's mum)... she's currently staying with my Aunt and her family somewhere in Cheras. We've been trying to contact them for the past few months, but the phone is either directed to the voice mail or her house phone is out of service, which didn't make sense. So we just decided to try our luck and headed to her home.

Alhamdullilah, we manage to find the place with the help of Google Map and hubby's good road directions. Once, we reach... we were not greeted in a very well mannered way. The auntie came out from her house and first thing she said was:

Aunty M: Why are you all here? Why you all didn't give me a call and say you are coming? I'm supposed to go out now!!!"
Aunty P: We've tried calling you, but have you ever picked up your phone?

A whole fighting match went on.. when she is inside her compound, and we are waiting outside of her house under the hot sun... than she threatened to not let us in... just b'coz of the argument and it is her house. (Does it make sense that you greet your own relatives like that, even though you have misunderstanding's in the past? Was it wrong for us to come and meet our loved ones, knowing that she's growing old every day?)

Anyway, she allowed us in, but with a time limit of just 20 minutes. We went in, and saw my nanny sitting on her bed in a dark room. She was wearing a t-shirt with shorts, with the portable toilet right next to her, and a corner with all the idols and pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary. I sat right next to her and quickly gave her a hug... everybody was in the room by than, but the argument wasn't over between the aunties.

They began slandering each other, and the next thing i knew, i got emotional and started tearing, even my sis and my mother. Our intention was to come and see her, and not to start a heated argument, which is purely unnecessary. One argument let to another, soon a whole piece of the past is brought back out again. My aunt whose house belongs to her, began to be aggressive physically and started heating Aunty P. Mum had to be the one in between to stop the whole chaos. Lil bro even try to mediate between the both aunties.

All the while, the hubby was outside at the living room, he decided to call me out of the room, since he doesn't want me to be stuck in the situation, with me being pregnant and all. I waited outside with him, the next thing, my Aunt M comes to me, and says:-

Aunty M: I'm sorry you have to see all this, you are not at fault.. but this people hasn't been coming to visit their mother... bla...bla... bla...
Me: I just want to be clear, that we've all been trying to call you to inform that we would like to come over and visit nanny, but your handphone either goes to a voice mail or your house phone is no longer out of service. I've even messaged your daughter to enquire, but she didn't even replied me.
Aunty M: I know, and i'm sorry i never return your call, about my daughter she had been having her exams, so i've banned her from using the computer.
Me: But i've seen her online many times...
Aunty M: Only lately, i've allowed her back on the computer, even i myself don't have the time to check my mail.

(Truth is, whether she's telling the truth or making up a story is another issue, Allahualam.../ and do realise that she could actually change her attitude in mere seconds.)

She went back in and started shouting again... telling the others in the room to get out and let me in to see nanny. They didn't bothered, so i just went in and talk to her for a while. Telling her that i'm 8 months pregnant, and i'm due in June 17th.

After 5 minutes, we all gave her a hug and told her to take care of herself. I promised her, that i'll try to come and visit her again, after a few months baby is born, so she can see her great-grandson. We all left the house with a somber heart. Mum and aunt P was tearing, coz they couldn't bear the fact that their sister just treated them that way.

We than decided to have lunch in PJ, before sending Aunt Phena back home. Before that we went to visit my Uncle, chit chat for a while, since i didn't see him since my wedding reception last year. We headed back home, and only reached home at about 4.15pm. Took a cold shower, did my obligatory prayer, fold all the clothes and took an hour nap. The hubby had to go to his customers place and do a data transfer... so we didn't manage to go out and celebrate my birthday. Mama cook a simple dinner for us, since she was tired herself, running up and down from Koko's house to our house...

Since mum bought a 3 piece cake for my birthday... i decided to cut it and share it between the 4 of us includin the lil niece who has been staying over at our house for the past few nights, since her new baby sister arrived.

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