Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day


This year mother's day was pretty normal... didn't do anything special, had breakfast with the hubby at home and than went to market as per-normal with Mama. Before that, we had to dropped her of at our nearest supermarket, while i head on to AVON. They had this special promotion on certain items specially for Mother's Day. So i purchased a perfume for Mama and a pearl necklace for Mummy.

We went out for a simple dinner at this place called Cardini, they served the best Halal Chinese Food... which could hardly be found around KL, and they're located at the Selayang Market. The family ordered rice and dishes, while i resulted to eating 'Kung Fu Chou - Ying Yong style'... the mouth just can't seem to eat any rice, since i had rice earlier for lunch.

So after dinner, we head back home to sent Mama, Koko and Farhana, since our next destination was Popo's house. Quickly took the mangoes and the blueberry cheese tart (made by Anwar's wife) and head straight to Popo's house.

Everyone was at home except for Papa, coz he went to Beijing for a 1 week holiday. Gave mom the necklace, which coincidentally she had the same colour, but somehow the colour is fading, so it was just perfect. Chat with Popo and mum, did some editing on some pictures that Amanda and i took when we went to the Orchid Park (for competition purposes), and left at about 11.30pm. So that's how i spend my Mother's Day. ^_^

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