Friday, May 7, 2010

Heaven is under our Mother's Feet


Ever wondered why the Hindu's use to bow and tap their hands on their mother's feet, coz of the above title... well anyway my intention to write this blog is not as a dedication to my Mum and mother-in-law for Mother's Day, but more for what had happen last Sunday.

You see, there's this story in the Sunnah of the Prophet (p.b.u.h), where this Sahabat (companion) asked him:-

Companion: Who do i take care first?
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w): Your Mother
Companion: Who do i take care after that?
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w): Your Mother
Companion: Who do i take care after that?
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w): Your Mother

So, moral of the story is our mom's are really important in our lives. Now next i need space to express what ever has been boiling in my heart.

If i had the chance, i would really, really love to express this to Aunty M. To tell her how important it is to take care of your mum, and whatever hurtful things she said to Aunt P, just wasn't right at that time, no matter how angry you were at her. There will always be misunderstanding, if you don't find the time to resolve it and make it clear.

So here it is:-

Aunt M, what you are currently doing with nanny is a really noble and humble thing. Not many people out there are willing to sacrifice their time, sweat and money to be able to take their time to take care of their aging mother. You might find that it is tough doing all this, but she is after all your mother, the one who bore you for 9 months and took care of you through out your life.

There might be other siblings around that are suppose to divide their responsibility with you, but they have other priorities too, it's just so happen that your a housewife and your able to have the time to take care of her. What your doing right now is directly contributing to the deeds that your bringing in the here after later on. But after hearing you expressing yourself through your anger, i realize that you were not taking care of nanny sincerely. I mean, your basically pointing fingers at your sisters and claiming that they were the ones that didn't bother to take her in and all.

Like HELLO, (i'm backing my mum up) my mum is un-able to take her in, for the fact that my parents are staying with my Popo (Dad's mum) and it's her house. Do you think, she would like to see her mum that way? I'm sure my mum would want to take care of her no matter what. But she's also working, it'll be another 5 years more, before she retires. Plus, with Popo's condition now, after recovering from a stomach ulcer, even she is in the same condition as nanny is. Alhamdullilah, my dad, sis and his brother were able to contribute, to hire a maid, so that she would not be alone at home, when my parents are at work and when my siblings have schools and classes.

The other thing, you have to always remind yourself, is the way Aunt P and Uncle C always contribute to the family after grandpa past away. The only money that was channeling in to the family was grandpa's pension, and it wasn't sufficient, and did you not forget, that Aunt P's pay was only RM300, and yet she still try to help the family. Where is your sense of gratitude, after all this years. Pointing fingers at her claiming that Aunt P was after Nanny's EPF and all. If you don't know the real story don't mention it, and why of all things, do you need to say that she's jealous of you now, now that you owned a house, car and everything that you own.

I'm just sad for the fact that, there is never an understanding in this family. The way you guys talk rudely at each other, doesn't reflect the way you are as a believer. Exerting your anger is not one of the qualities that God will like to see. At the end of the day, it is your actions that are counted. Now that everything looks so negative, there won't be any chance that either of the siblings would come over to your place to see nanny, due to your disrespect fullness towards them who are more elder than you. For the record, you have no rights to stop anyone from visiting their own mother or grandmother. We never know when God will decide to take her away... so why don't you just be more considerate with our feelings.

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