Friday, April 30, 2010

Adam's Birthday

16th April is the day hubby celebrates his 27th Birthday, yup his getting older... hehehe. Anyway, it fell on a Friday, so we thought he was going for his weekly Arabic class. Mama cooked a simple dinner, while i went out to King's Confectionary to get a Chocolate Birthday cake.

Thank God, we had two fridge, one was in the kitchen, while the other was at the outside kitchen. I hid the cake, in the fridge that was located at the outside kitchen.

The hubby came back from work, took his bath as per-usual, than i notice he was looking for a birthday cake. We lied and told him, that we didn't purchase any birthday cake. Somehow mid-way dinner, mama accidentally blurped out about the birthday cake, but we changed the story and said that koko (brother-in-law) is going to get it, before he comes over.

When he did come he said he forgot to buy the birthday cake. Pity the husband, coz he look a little disappointed. By the time everyone was done with their dinner, i brought out the cake, he looked so happy:-

Hubby: I somehow knew u lied....
Me: Yalah, yalah.... Happy Birthday...

He blew the candles, Farhana (niece)... thought it was her birthday... kids these days... sigh.

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