Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Phase in My Life

I took up Mass Comm.... when i was in college.... never thought that some day i will have the chance to work in this industry...

Last Friday, my life started buzzing again... with working life... as i've been bumming for almost few months after getting married, and it's good to be back working and learning something new. Anyway, as most close friends would know... my close friend Clare and i have started up this casting agency... loads of opportunity's have been knocking our door and i can't thank Allah enough for blessing us with such chances. 

We were able to have our very own talents for a few adverts, and one of it is already out on air. I can say that both of us are pretty proud with ourselves for being able to have our very own talents on the ad itself. 

Now, our life is getting even more busier everyday.... Clare has been going out with our sidekick Azman... to look for talents... and it's not an easy job.. you really need to have the people skill in this... which i am currently lacking off... hmmmm. While i am stuck in the production house... doing casting... We have quite huge projects in our hands right now... and we really hope to get our talents in this time also....

Things has been turning up quite good, getting good comments from directors are basically good testimonial to us.... so insyallah will have more chance... and insyallah will be bless with more 'rezeki'....

~@lisha Meliss@~

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