Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Minute Reunion in Kenny Rogers - Mid Valley Megamall

Clare and i decided not to do any casting last Sunday, since nobody was going to be around, as everybody will be out for shoots.

So got a call from Nicole on Saturday night, the girl just came back from UK for her holidays and it has been weeks since she's been here... but she didn't even call to inform also. Rupa-rupanya she kept calling my old number.... sigh so got a call from her... and she said that both Beulah and her made last minute arrangements to have a dinner on Sunday night at Midvalley.

I agreed... Sunday was suppose to be a rest day but ended up having jam pack of schedule, that i will blog later.

Anyways, Adam and i was late... coz we had other things to do. When we were there, i spotted the table they were sitting. Karthika's back was facing me, so i thought of giving her a surprise. It's been years since i last saw her... remember it was suppose to be a surprise, but guess what me and my clumsy self, started kicking the chairs first... but somehow manage to scare Karthika off.... hahaha...

But, somehow they kenakan me balik, Beulah and her stories, about Karthika having a 1 year plus kid in Indonesia.... i didn't believe it first... but however terkena also... hahaha... so the score is 1-1.

Ordered our food and drinks, and we were updating each other with each other's life. And due to the fact that none out of the 3 manage to attend my wedding, they started interviewing Adam and i... about it. Next question was babies.... well i'm planning lah ok... don't ask me anymore.... :P

Anyways, after finish makan it was photo session... coz most of us have to work the next day.. we ended the meet up quite early. Conclusion is i was happy to meet all off them after almost a year... but quite sad that it had to end early. Just wish we had more times on our side, insyallah will get to hang out again,.... before Nicole and Karthika flies off....^_^

The Girlfriends

The Hubby came along as well

Nicole and her peace sign

Calculating the bill
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