Monday, July 6, 2009

KLUE Urbanscapes 2009 (Full Edition)

Alright.... enough of waiting.... i'm just gonna throw everything out now....

Anyway the sis picked me up at about 1 something... and by the time we got to KLPAC it was already 2pm. Cars were everywhere... so we had to find a slot somewhere, and had to walk about less than 5 minutes to the booth to get our wrist bands.

Once the wrist bands are on... we headed straight to the Market place... there were loads of vendors, loads of things were sold on that day... but i was really trying my best to not spend my money. The lil sis bought this cute handphone hanger (didn't get a picture of it).... anyway after scouting around we decided to start looking around for Kak Murni (Mimpi Murni).

So we manage to find her booth.... and guess what this time... she has her own handmade lip balm... there were two flavors if i can remember it correctly

1) Cucumber Lemon
2) Manggo Peach

Anyway the lil sis and i got the 2nd flavor coz it smells so yummy..... i got the stick version which was only (RM10) while the lil sis got the small jar (RM5)....

Later... we just decided to hang around.... and drop over to the KLUE official booth to get the official KLUE Urbanscapes t-shirt... but some how the 'S' size was out of stock... and the 'M' size was just to baggy for us.... so we didn't get any. Than we head to Tongue N Chic booth... and they were giving out bags for free.... but you have to take picture with a Mooks banner first... so once we did that, lil sis and i got the bags for free....

Next, we headed to the Bubble Tea booth.... it was a really long queue.. and pretty expensive too RM4 (when you can get the same thing in Petaling Street for RM3 only).... while waiting, there were this bunch of actors which was doing a life act...

Later we went into KLPAC building itself, they had arts exhibition, they were giving out loads of postcards from kakiseni... than we thought of heading to the X lawn Stage... but the life acts was only gonna start at 4:00pm.

After that we just decided to walk around grab some bites and decided to go around the Market place again. This time lil sis manage to get two t-shirts for RM35, while i didn't get any, coz there was nothing that caught my eye.

Next, we decided to seat somewhere, so i can enjoy my kebab... and once we heard the music buzzing, we headed straight to the X Lawn... Pop Shuvit was performing... their oncore was 'Mara Bahaya'.... than came Yuna... never heard her songs before... but somehow began to love it... she even mentioned that she brought her EP Album along incase anyone would want to get their hands on it, & lil sis and i bought it with her autograph on it as well.

All and all, i feel it wasn't exciting as last year... coz i didn't manage to do any shopping.... but it was a good first hand experience for the lil sis, as it was her first time there. Shall wait for next year.... and see what to expect... anyway more pictures as promise.

Till than...... Assallamualaikum.....

(Credits to M. Farhan Ahmad - For Kak Murni's pictures)

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