Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adele's Farewell @ Paddington House of Pancake

As per the title, it's obvious enough that this post is about Adele's Farewell. She was due to leave on Friday, and Clare and i both manage to catch up with her for makan and also a movie.

So we were suppose to meet up earlier to check out a movie at 11.15 am.... but ended up all of us came late, so we decided to catch 'Obsessed' starring Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter at 1.40pm show. I bought the tickets, and we later met up at Paddington House of Pancake.

It was basically my 2nd time being in this restaurant, and basically i was clueless with what to order for our 'branch'.... somehow manage to order this pancake which was filled with mince meat, mix with some spaghetti sauce and green pepper. Plus there was mashed potato and tomatoes with salad.
The portion may look small, but it's pretty filling for a small eater like me. Would recommend this for people who don't mind having filling similar to a spaghetti sauce in a wrap pancake.

After 'branch', we decided to do some window shopping around Curve... went over to Nichii to see whether there were anything nice to get, all 3 decided to tried out come clothes just for fun. But somehow Clare ended up with one nice shirt top, while Adele and i ended up empty handed.... hehehe...

Next, we headed straight to Cineleisure to check out the movie, before heading straight to the theatre room, we bought some tid bits and i decided to get a popcorn. Once we were in the cinema, guess what.... the whole cinema was only occupied with us 3 and two other couples.... (wow.... that's my 1st)

Anyway, the movie is great.... one movie line that i have not watched before... basically about a crazy women going after this married man.... and bla, bla... bla.... The movie made me appreciate my marriage life more in some certain aspects. We will never know that maybe one day we might be involve into something that is similar to that movie storyline. But insyallah, i will not have to face such crisis.

Once the movie was done, we headed to Starbucks to get some drinks as Clare and i had to have some serious discussion.... once that was done, we headed back home.

Anyway, I pray that Adele will have the strength and the faith to stay strong while she's in Perth. Enjoy and expose yourself to as many things and places as you can while your still there. Study smart and play hard.... and most importantly, do remember that you have family and friends that are continuing loving and caring for you.... though your so far away.

'May God Be With You Always'

~@lish@ Meliss@~

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