Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Makan-makan @ Penang Express, Selayang Mall

Last Saturday, hubby's Aikido class was cancelled.... while i had to work till 8pm and only got back home by 8.30pm. Mama wasn't around, so we decided to head for dinner somewhere outside. I didn't feel like eating any heavy.... so we were thinking and thinking where to eat, and later decided to try out Penang Express, since koko (the brother in law) said... that they're food is really nice.

Anyway, we headed there... as usual it's very hard to find parking outside, so we had to park inside Selayang Mall itself. Once we were there, the hubby ordered Char Kuey Teow... and i ended up ordering this Fried Rice Sweet Sour Chicken... and additional 'Chicken Lobak'. As for the drinks... the hubby ordered Filtered water while i decided to order one of Penang's well known drink the 'Ambula Juice with Asam Boi'.....

'Lobak - RM6.90'

Ice Water & Penang 'Char Kuey Teow'

'Ambula Juice with Asam Boi - RM4.5o'

'Fried Rice Sweet Sour Chicken - RM 8/9 something'

I miss the way 'Ambula' juice tasted... enjoyed our meals.... and by the time we left it was almost 10:30pm.... the shops were all closed so didn't manage to shop.... sigh.... and that is how the day ended....

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