Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Congratulations Darling for getting 3rd Que

This is actually kinda late coming from me, last 2 Sundays ago, i followed hubby for his Aikido grading, which was held in Bangi instead of their original training place which is in Darul Ehsan Club (KDE).

I wish i brought my SLR that day, but i didn't.... and currently waiting to get a cable for my new handphone, so that i could transfer out my pictures.

Anyway, back to the story. We were there sharp 11am, hubby when to register himself and started to dress up. While he was warming up, i was busy warming up with Anwar's 2 year old daughter.... hehehe.

So there was a short briefing.... that it was time for the test. They started calling people according to which Que (grades) that your gonna do. So when it come to 4th Que... hubby was called with 3 other students. Hubby chose Anwar to be his 'ukay' (attacker)... first of all, i do have to explain that even though Aikido maybe a form of Martial art from Japan, but it is more of a self defense, as they normally use their hands instead of their legs.

Anyway, seeing the hubby performing, i felt that he didn't give his best.... but anyway's at least he tried.

After eyeryone had been graded, than the Sensei decided to inform... that they've notice a bunch of people who performed quite well and this people have already pass the Que's that they took earlier. Now the thing is, this bunch of people actually have the priviliged to take up their next Que. For e.g if you were originally graded for the 6th Que... you can now grade yourself for 5th Que.

So the hubby was one of those that were selected, this means he is able to be graded for 3rd Que.... conclusion is he did well.... and most of them who were selected to further their grading... passed the examination.

There were photo session and giving of certs to each students... and i so wish i had my SLR but i didn't... and it sucks coz the phone wasn't able to capture a good picture... sigh... anyways:-

'Congratulations Darling!!!!'

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