Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Sunday's Plans

As i've mentioned before last Sunday was suppose to be an off day, but ended up with jam pack of plans.

Was able to have extra sleep, coz i've been waking up quite early lately... woke up at about 10 something, got ready and than headed to mamak for breakfast. Next stop was the morning market... Due to the small debate we had in the car... I wasn't filling to well.. coz my head was dizzy... so anyway's accompanied the mother in law to the market. Once done, waited for the hubby to come, coz we didn't have any cash in he had to go to the nearest bank.

Once came, got the money... and went to the other side of the market, which was where they were selling clothes and accessories including tudung. So mama and i went to look for tudung that will match with our baju kurung, but to no avail... there were no matching colors. But i did manage to get 2 different tudungs... with 2 different materials... all for a good bargain. Both also no need to that makes my life a little easier. I even manage to get this grey cardigan for a good bargain.... coz the ones selling in the boutiques are like 2 times more.

Anyway's after market...we decided to head back home, freshen up, solat and get ready for lunch. We headed to Tesco, coz the hubby wants to eat Claypot Chicken Rice... After that a little grocery shopping... but the queu was really long. Even the Fast Lane... was long... sigh... by the time we left it was already 5pm.

Next stop was my parents home, this time brought the mother in law along. It was her first time there, and also her first time meeting popo. Once, Adam was done with the computer, we left for home at 6pm. Coz mama had to cook and we had to go back to get ready for the dinner... imagine... a whole jam packed day without rest.... aaaarrrrggghhhh.... insyallah this weekend i get to rest to... sigh....

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