Saturday, August 29, 2009

Attempt to Make Chocolate Pudding

Last Thursday, Mama and i attempted to follow the Chocolate Pudding recipe from Rasa Magazine, July Issue....

We went over to Giant Hypermarket to get some ingredients that we didn't have at home at that time. So we purchased more jelly mock cup's, koko powder, agar-agar powder and margarine.

So we came back and started mixing the mixture according to the recipy. In the end the mixture was too watery and we were wondering whether what we did was right. By the way it didn't mentioned in the magazine that the mixture was supposed to be boiled.

Me, being blur, just put the concoction into the mock cup's and in the fridge it goes... waited for few hours.. and it's still not happening. Coincidentally, that night Mama's old neighbour came by to visit us.. the aunty straight away say that i have to boil the concoction, once i notice a bubble i need to switch of the stove immediately.

So i did as she said... pour the mixture back into the mock cups... and within a few hours... the chocolate pudding turn out well... but just one thing it was tooooo..... ssswwweeeettttt....

Better luck next time ^_^

~@lish@ meliss@~

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