Monday, August 24, 2009

Addicted to Facebook Games!!

Since last week,after the Hotlink ad... i've been occupying myself with the little niece, the hubby, family, emails, twitter, Facebook, you name it....

And i've just realise that i've been over addicted with the games in Facebook... first with 'Fish to Fish'... than came 'Farmville'... and next was 'Fashion Wars'.... sigh it even came to a stage where when the hubby is around i totally ignore him and contiue playing my game... hahaha.

Anyway's the hubby is threatening me, by deleting my account... he has his ways... coz his a computer tech guy. So girls out there, if your dating with a guy whose so good with computers, you better be extra careful... coz he can hacked his way through your private info... hahaha.. just kidding.

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