Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amanda, Mummy & Adrian's Birthday

Last Saturday, we celebrated 3 family member's birthday, mum's, amanda's and Adrian. Amanda was on the 23rd, Mum was on the 27th & Adrian was on the 30th. So to save money, we all decided to just celebrate it all in 1 day.

Mum, suggested this place called Basil, in Bangsar Village (old wing)..It serves Thai cuisine and it's hidden on the other side of the mall. We were all there by 8.30pm, coz Adrian had his tution till 8.15pm.

So, once we were there, we all ordered our own dish.. due to the fact that Adam and i had our dinner earlier for Buka Puasa... we ordered one plate of Spicy Seafood Spaghetti with Basil and share it together.

Mum, sis and dad ordered the Pineapple Chicken Rice... Dad even ordered this Fried Mince Chicken in Crab Shell... which was pretty yummy. Popo aka grandma... ordered the Beef Noodle... and the lil brother ordered Beef with Spring Onions and Rice.

Out Appetizer was this plate that look like those Beetle Leave's but this is the Thai version... and it taste really good...

For dessert, the lil brother and i had this Steam Banana with Santan, while both mum and Dad ordered the Water Chestnut and Jackfruit with shredded ice and syrup.

Conclusion, everything tasted really good in this restaurant... the ambiance and the furniture make the place really cozy.. not too crowded, nice for a family affair.

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