Saturday, June 20, 2009

Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen

Yes!!!! manage to reserve the tickets for next Wednesday's 3pm screening at GSC Midvalley... how cool is that. Was a bit worried at first, coz it was a buzz on FB about tickets being sold out and all. Don't think it'll be my first time watching it... coz the hubby's not coming along, he happens to work by the way. This time i'll be going with the lil sis, lil bro and mom... yup mom's taking leave to watch the movie with us, she's been waiting for it too.... hahaha.

Hopefully once the hubby makes up his mind when he is free, i'll be making my way to IMAX theatre to purchase those tickets. IMAX theatre, in Times Square, happens to have a screen which is 5x larger than any other screen cinema's which also equals to the ticket price being more which is about RM15. But it's really cool, coz the surround system is just perfect.... those of you who has never been there... should check it out one day.

Anyway can't wait to watch it... so insyallah i'll be able to blog about it next week... hehehe. Till than take care.... Assallamualaikum....


Solahuddeen said...

just want to ask, a little bit confused. you say that u had reserved ticket for gsc mid valley, than u said u want to watch at imax? how so?

p/s: actually i want to see the movie at the imax, and i want to reserved the ticket, but don't know how. he3~

Alisha Melissa Mah said...

Assallamualaikum Solah,

Surprise to know that my blog is actually being read by others, besides my group of friends.

Well if you have read carefully.. i'm actually going to watch Transformers 2 with my family, and my husband will not be joining along.

This means i will most probably watch it again the 2nd time with my husband (coz he wants to watch it too), insyallah it'll be in IMAX theatre. Coz we watch the 1st transformers movie there... and it was awesome.... hahaha

P.S: By the way i'm not sure how to go about reserving the tickets there either. Most probably i'll purchase it in advance. ^_^

Solahuddeen said...

owh, ok. ha3~ actually i'm googling the imax to watch the transformers this thursday. then, your blog is coming up the list. ha3~

well~ i would like to say, nice blog. he3~ i got one too, but in malay of course! he3~

Solahuddeen said...

Assalamualaikum Alisha Melissa Mah. had u already watch the movie or not? ha3~ i watch it already, at time square. FUh! so syiok. haha~