Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hanging Out

Trying to blog as often as i can, so that i don't loose touch on my writing side... hehehe. Anyway's the lil sister had to pass up her assignments today, and guess what i decided to go out with her and the cousin sister. Yes... i manage to drive my lil 'ferrari', coz mom doesn't allow me to drive the car anymore... since i'm no longer staying with them. But somehow the lil sis will ask me to drive, coz she doesn't know the road as well as i do... hahaha.

So after sending lil sis assignment... we drove all the way to Bandar Utama to fetch the cousin sis. The journey there itself was jam from TTDI. Sigh.... i think we were stuck like 15 minutes, than the other hassle was to get a car park in One Utama... imagine going around looking for car park for 15-20 minutes.... it's nuts i tell you. Never go during school holidays.... it's a killer.

Anyway we saw this dude that was about to leave.... sempat to 'smile' also... hahaha.. so sweet. Got out of the car, first thing we were thinking was food... yes imagine it's 2pm and us three have not touch any food since morning. Was so hungry, couldn't figure out what to eat... plus i need to take into consideration that i can only eat 'halal' food. At last we just decided to eat McDonalds, i guess you all would know by now... it wasn't 3pm yet, so the offer is still on.... bought 3 sets of meal and it only came up to RM18... so it was quite worthlah.

Than we stop by Body Shop, thinking that i could redeem my RM35 of product, but i can't coz everything in the shop was on sale... sigh.... anyway bought the Body Shop shower gel with the Promeganate scent... 2 for RM 34.50... quite cheap, coz the original price is RM 24.90 each bottle.

Than we decide to drop by an optical shop coz ms Ai Wei need to fix her specs... while lil sis and i decide to check out the clothes in Nichii... the clothes are nice, but due to lack of fund in my bank didn't buy anything. Than we just walk around... hoping from one shop to another... notice that MPH was having a small book sale so we decided to check it out. Manage to get a handphone strap, while the cousin sis got a keychain (paid for it, due to her birthday few days ago). Than we drop by Diva... to check out any nice things... the lil sis got herself a birdie necklace... but i don't have a picture of it now...

Next thing we did was drop by Ms. Read cafe and i got their signature cupcakes with the lil gummy bears.. coz the hubby loves it. While waiting for the cupcakes... we grab the latest Tongue&Chic magazine... more like a booklet, but due to the cute pictures on the cover... we just couldn't help but grab the May & June issue.

We were running late, so we left Oen Utama by 5.15pm.... head back home... coz the hubby was all alone (he finished work early today), the mother-in-law followed the brother-in-law and family to Kelantan... suppose to have a quiet weekend together with the husband all alone at home... but somehow the father-in-law decided's to take leave.... aaarrrggghhhh....
no peace adi.... huhuhuhu.... well hope to catch a decent movie with the hubby this Sunday... ^_^

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