Thursday, June 18, 2009

Movies & Tickets to Urbanscapes 2009

Wow.... things has been going pretty busy lately.... but not gonna mentioned about it here... anyway's lately i was able to check out the new movie in the theatre's... well it's not new anymore, coz i'm sure most of you guys have watched it... went to check it out with the lil sis and the cousin sister.... yes it's not other than 'Angels & Demons'.

I think it's a really nice show with an exciting storyline and a really good plot. I didn't feel bored at all.... as the movie just keeps giving you more and more expectations to it. Anyway i'm not gonna have a boring review of it (coz i'm bad at giving reviews sometimes... hahaha). Conclusion is it's a good movie, not to be missed. Those who didn't have the opportunity to check it out, please get an original copy of it... when it comes out... or for those who have ASTRO... you will definitely get to see it by end of this year or next year.

Next thing, is the KLUE Urbanscapes is coming up next weekend... and i can't wait to go... it's in KLPAC again... which is pretty near to my parents house.. hehehe.... Last year i went to check out with the cousin sister, this year the lil sis wants to join along... so last Tuesday we went out to The Gardens.... coz lil sis did her research earlier (which is, certain selected Borders outlet was selling the tickets at a promotional price). The current price right now for the tickets is RM25, if you buy it on the day itself... it will be RM35.

But here's the deal, Borders was going to sell it for RM45 for a pair of tickets. Which basically means RM 22.50 for each ticket.... so... imagine when we went over to ask the tickets... the guy actually said... this is the last pair of tickets... (yes... it's totally sold out over there). Wow.... a real close call... if not i guess Amanda and i will be wasting our time and effort. After purchasing the tickets we went browsing around the magazine corner and the books corner... was searching for the Little Black Dress corner... till Amanda found it. They had so many new titles... some old ones too, which i have not read yet... was so tempted to buy some for myself... but i can't due to lack of cash. And the book is getting pricier too... it used to be RM19.90... but now is RM21.90... wow RM2 more.... hmmm... anyway i have two more books to read first (it was given by the lil sis for Christmas)... currently reading the one below

Once it's done..... i can read the next one.... but knowing me,.... i like to keep at least 1 or 2 books in stock... so at least when i'm done. I know i have the other one on standby to read... hehe... as weird as it may sound... that's me.

Hope this years KLUE Urbanscapes will have more to offer... it seems there'll be 100 vendors in the bazaar.... yes shopping... but have to be more thrifty this time.... and loads of photo's... can't wait for it... till than... take care guys...

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