Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life Is Fragile

Last night after eating Satay with the family, hubby and i headed to my parents house to visit them. Dad just came back from his trip to Australia, where the cousin brother and his family is residing now, and guess what he got me and hubby.... koala keychains.... sigh.... but at least something lah... hehehe

So anyway we left the house at about 11.30pm, coz hubby had to help the dad with his new laptop. I decided to be the one driving back home.... while we were taking the u-turn, we saw an accident happening right in front of our eyes. It was a hit n run. The idiot Wira knocked an uncle who was on the bike and he just sped off. While hubby and i was the one watching the uncle being flown in the air and dropped on the road. First thing i did was stop the car, put the emergency lights and came out of the car.

Hubby was to panicked to do anything, i had to basically scream at him, and asked him to go and see the uncle. Had to move the car and parked it at the nearest bus stop. Hubby called the ambulance, more ppl rushed to the scene. Alhamdullilah the uncle was still alive and concious. The uncle who happens to be an indian muslim (coz i heard him saying 'insyallah') was lying on his face. Two men slowly roll him over, so that he could lay on his back. A plain cloth police man approached me and asked whether i witness the accident and i said yes. Thank god another person got the number plate of the car.

Took some tissue, and pass it to this 'anne' who was wiping the uncle's face coz it was covered with blood. Another guy took the uncle's handphone and asked the uncle for his family's number. The ambulance and his family member came at the same time. We decided to give the 'daughter' (i think) some money due to the uncle's condition. We only left the scene, once the ambulance left.

Sigh, my heart felt so heavy to see the uncle in that condition. He was an innocent victim of a hit and run. I hope that driver that committed the accident will face his punishment soon, at the same time i hope the uncle will recover well from his injury.

As we muslim's believe, those ppl who have done bad things on us or the opposite, we will be able to meet them on judgement day. So we have to be weary at all times with what we say and do....

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Clare Chiara said...

You have a great heart Mel, and God will bless you and your family for sure.