Monday, June 8, 2009

Lonely Weekend with The Hubby

Mama (Mother-in-law) followed koko (Brother-in-law) to Kelantan with his family on Friday evening, they left the house 20 minutes before i reached home... so ok Adam and i decide to have dinner at Al-dini's it's somewhere in Greenwood, nearby Sri Gombak. The restaurant normally cater Kelantanese food, for e.g. Tom Yam, Telur Dadar, Ikan Masak 3 Rasa, Kailan Ikan Masin and etc. Anyway, Adam and i decide to just order Nasi Goreng Udang and Tomyam campur for dinner.

Once dinner was done, Adam left me at home all alone while he goes and attend his Arabic class. So i had the whole house for solid 1 1/2 hours, and due to boredom i started blogging and checking my mail while watching the Kardashian on E. The father-in-law came back later, and Adam came back half an hour later.

On Saturday we took our time waking up, coz we didn't have anything to do.... so we got up like 12.30pm... each took our bath... the father-in-law was on leave... Adam did up the bed, while i went to operate the washing machine. Close to 2pm we decide to have brunch at Giant... had Ayamas for brunch and later went for grocery shopping.

Adam bought this chain for his office gate, so while we were there i tried out the massage chair... hehehe.... it was ticklish at first but then i got used to it, and it continued for 15 minutes. Once i was done, we headed back home and it was already 5pm. Unpacked the groceries, hang out the clothes and did the second batch of washing... coz it was time to change the bed sheet, pillow case and quilt cover.

By than, it was time to get ready coz Adam's Aikido class starts at 8.30pm. We went to fetch the hubby's bestie first (Raziff) and headed to Darul Ehsan Club, Ampang where the class is being held. Was watching the 'sensei' showing some new moves and the best part of the whole training is seeing Adam in action... hehehe. You see, before i dated Adam... he used to take up Aikido classes... but than he stopped, so after a few years he got back to it again and now it's been almost a year. So yes... back to the topic.... the best part is seeing your own husband being thrown around by his sensei.... i actually took a video... but b'coz i don't have a cable for the phone, i'm un-able to share with you guys yet. Insyallah i'll have the chance to show it to you guys.

After training all three of us headed to 'Studio 5' where the hubby, koko and their friends normally hang out after training. By the time we reached home it was almost 12am and head to bed by 2am.

The next morning we woke up an hour earlier, than the previous day. Freshen up, hang out the laundry as normal... than the hubby thought of going out to eat, but i decided to cook Spaghetti... and somehow the hubby requested for nuggets and drummets... by the time everything was done it was 2pm.... Everything was just nice, till it came to the nuggets... hahaha... i think i forgot to fry it under a small fire... so it kinda turn brown on the outside, before the inside was properly cooked... haha... the hubby had to recook it again... at the end, everything was finished... laze around for a while.. and back to house chores again.. and all the hubby did was just watching TV.... hmmmmm....

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Women! Work la, relax relax!!