Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Top 10 Sexiest Man

Thanks to Clare for tagging me, i now have to crack my head to find which 10 man are sexiest to me... sigh

1. It had to be Orlando Bloom... after watching him in Lord of the rings, almost every single movie, he acts i would like to check out...

2. Wade Robson, with his moves on the dance floor, there's no denying that he has talents at such a young age.

3. Is Chris Brown, for his talent of singing and dancing

4. Chad Michael Murray... in 'My Cinderella Story'

5. Richard Gere, the all time favourite... even as he age, his looks still remains as charming as ever.

6. Antonio Banderas - The Zorro... and with his moves in Take The Lead, you can't stop to wonder how sexy he looks.

Aiyo, still got 4 more to go.....

7. Bae Yong Jun, the lead actor in Winter Sonata, he used to be the craze back during my high school days.

8. Rain - from Korea..... Loves his moves... and have perform using one of his songs too...

9. Would be Johnny Depp.. though he holds weird characters at times, but his such a good actor.

1o. The most sexiest man alive for me would be:-










My Adam Fong Sho Keong..... he may not be all macho for you girls out there, but he holds a really deep place in my heart, and i love him so much....

This picture was actually taken few years back.. so yeah he looks more boyish here.. ^_^

Almost forgot need to tag people!!!!


1. Ai Wei (Don't think u did this yet)
2. Joanne
3. Adele
4. Tsu Yi
5. Who ever reads my blog...


Clare Chiara said...

Eh women.. damn potong rite.. tiba tiba adam... OMG!!!!!

Melissa Mah said...

Hahaha.... that is why i did not put him as the first, if i did than the excitement would not be there adi.