Friday, July 18, 2008

A Poem from an Understanding Friend

Hei guys, this is actually a poem that was written from one of my friend, and it's quite meaningful to me, for the fact that we have never met face to face, neither have we heard each other's voice over the phone. Knowing each other through a close friend of ours, somehow makes us understand each other better, and now with the internet, the blog becomes a place for us to communicate in a way and update each others life. So since he has privated his blog, i don't think it makes any difference to link him on this article. But i hope he doesn't mind me sharing this poem right here:-

Fight for Your Right

When you believe in yourself,

You fight for what is right.
You fight for your right.

Never let others take advantage of you,
Never let others take out your weekness,
Never let them take you for granted.

You have to fight for yourself,
Fight for what you believe in,
Fight for your own rights.

You fight because you love that someone,
You fight because you worked hard to get there,
You fight to become a great person in life.
You fight for a reason.

And that reason is..

Your just fighting for your own rights.

And believe that you can!


I guess based on the signature that is below, most of you all would know who he is by now. So i wanna say thank you to Liam, for writing such a meaningful poem. I appreciate the time and the effort taken. Thank you.....


Anonymous said...

Liam's poem was written for you?? When the hell is he writting for me?? It was you? What happened??

Melissa Mah said...

Mattie.... calm down... it's just a poem... LIAM!!!! help me out here.. someone ones a tribute for him too.. hehehehehe.....

Oh guess what.. Liam hangs out more with you more often.. and you guys haven't even allowed me to meet u guys face to face yet... *blek*