Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Manicure & Pedicure

I actually went for it like almost a month ago... got a free voucher from the Sports Club of my company. It was a privilege for all ladies, due to mother's day, so what happen was my boss didn't wanna go, so i got an extra free voucher from her.

Decided to bring my mom along for some pampering, so made all the necessary arrangements with the owner, Aunty Maria. Thank God, coz some ppl actually cancelled their appointment, so the auntie could slot us in. Reached Subang Parade at abt 5 minutes past 1.30pm, quickly rush to Nail Trend... got ourselves there, and was greeted by Aunty Maria (an elderly eurasian lady, can really ngam with my mom), and two Filipino ladies who are her employees. They're really very nice pleasant people, they made us got up onto this nice cozy sofa's, it had like a special sink, where you deep your feet in and all.

So first they did the scrubbing of the leg, before i continue, i actually add another RM 50 for my mom and myself, that makes RM100, for a feet treatment... which i think was really worth it. So yeah, let's continue... so after scrubbing... they rinse than they wipe... than they remove the cuticles. After that it feels like your feet is going through some mask or something, coz they used this thin like facial cotton, spray some stuff... and stick it to where your corn is, and also parts of your feet, which they find it rough. What happen next was they use transparent foil and wrap your feet, along with face towel.

While that process was going on, it was my hands turn to be pampered. The fingers was first deep into this mould cup with warm water, and than later the cuticles were removed. once that's done, they start putting the base coat. So while the base coat sinks in, they went back to the feet, got everything remove, than they got this special spatula, and start scrapping all your dead skin cells. To my amazement, it was a lot of dead skin cells... and i was shocked when the lady who attended to me showed the result of the scrapping.

So next was moisturising the legs, than choose nail color. Once painted, than we move too the table... she moisturise my hands up to my elbow, than she started painting my nails. At the end of the day my mom and i enjoyed it, an our feet felt so moisturize, that i felt so wasted, coz i had to be the one driving. So below is the result, of the good service. Next time i'm there i'll get some nice pictures of the place alright?....

The Manicure

The Pedicure

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