Saturday, March 8, 2008

'Why Be' in Actor's Studio - BSC

I was waiting for this day to come, to at least experience how stage play are like, coz i've never seen it before. Anyway, the reason i went to watch is b'coz i wanted to support Monti & Loggi, who were previously the MC's for my company's annual dinner. And they were seriously good MC's, Breakthru appreciate they're help for that night, if you know what the drama was about.

Anyway let's get back to the main story, few weeks back the Sport Committee of my company started selling tickets for a stage show called 'Why Be' from Monti & Loggi. So i bought 2 for myself and Adam. I was so anticipated for the day to come, even told my mom abt it, so that she's aware. But nnnooooo..... the day before, she could tell me that she's going for her 'UNION' Meeting. Guess what i answered her "Mum, you do know i have a stage play to go to right? tomoro?" ....... sigh but being the daughter i am, i just had to wait for my mom, and rush myself home and get all dressed up, while my 'da' waits for me patiently.

We reach BSC, and there were no parking, luckily we found one ' thank God'. 'Da' had to go do his obligation before we could go for the show... so i started lingering around BSC... they were having this small flee market, over at the 2nd phase but everything was too expensive but i did saw this pair of yellow colored earrings that look like wings and also a small cute black heart with white wings (it's RM 19.90 by the way). But i didn't buy, coz it was just pure temptation for me to spent money.

'Da' finish doing his obligation, and we rush our way to Actor's studio on the uppers floor.. luckily ppl were just beginning to go in. Enjoyed the whole show laughing... for a solid 2 hours. Once the play ended i waited for Monti & Loggi, to wish them congrats for they're achievements in impersonating Datuk S. As a performer himself, he did ask how Breakthru was doing, and i said we were doing great... After exchanging our goodbye's 'Da' and i decided to head for dinner. Just right before we could pay the ticket, we found out that both of us had '50 dollar' notes with no small change. The machine didn't even want to take it... so we decided to go to Coffee Bean and break our money. Bought this lovely tiramisu for RM 8.50++ though it was expensive it was a good dessert.

When all the way back to the 'Uma Rani' the mamak nearby my house and had 'Nasi Lemak Sotong & Limau Ais' for dinner.... yum yum... and so pau... pau. Ate the Tiramisu for dessert in his car, had our normal chat... muacks.. muacks.. and that's how the night ended.

And tomoro's polling day...... aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh have to wake up so early..


aiwei said...

sounds like a nice outing u had there!
heheh :)

Melissa Mah said...

Well normal only... nothing interesting, though it's my first time watching a life drama on stage..