Saturday, March 8, 2008

1st Time Polling

Gosh.... it's my first time polling, after registering for it last year in Church, when a group of people came in to do so for us church goers. Well had to do my obligation as a proper citizen of Malaysia... and i think u people out there who are above '21' should do so to... i mean in Mass Comm, we learn to be expressive... so practice your rights. *Hint *Hint to someone who didn't bother listening to my advice, but know how to comment abt the government... sigh...

Anyway it's not like i had to wake up so early, but my dad did. Woke up at 9 something.. got myself ready waited for mom and left the house. Walk to the school where we had to cast our votes.. went to the registration booth... show my IC... got my room balloting number which was '4'. Got there, luckily there was no ppl.... they read my IC number and full name out loud.. not too sure what's the rational behind that. got my balloting paper, where i'm suppose to 'X' the party that i'm voting for... and guess what there's a serial number on the orange paper... wonder what it is for... is it to trace who voted for who... well if i know what are the dirty tricks they're up to... i'm not gonna work for the government for the rest of my life.

So did my obligation as a voter... met up with my mom and we walk back home... so that's my experience of first time polling .

~Hmm have to wait for the results tonight...........~

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Adam said...

I know your talking about me ;) but in any case the party that i wanted to win, already won this time around :) yeah! Allahu akbar!
(God is greater than his creation)