Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shopping after Polling

Does that rhyme or is it lame?? hmmm.... anyway today after doing my obligation, i went shopping with, mom, sis & bro. We went all the way to Bangsar, park at Jolly Green and headed to the nearest mamak for Lunch. Ordered my 'Maggie Goreng Ayam + Limau Ais', munch munch... than decided to head over to 'Little Black Book' boutique, i think i'm one of their faithful customer, since i have the discount card and i also have like 7 over items from them. Love their clothes, bags & accessories... since it's so reasonable for ppl who earn as much as me in a month. Anyway this is what i bought from there :-

It's RM 35.90 - good buy!!!

RM 9.90 - Lace Camisole

Anyway after dropping by 'Little Black Book', my sis and i decided to meet up with my mom & lil bro at the Nokia Centre. (Yup, we kinda split up when i decided to go to the boutique & mum went to Bank)...... so sis & bro got their new phones, while the only thing i got from there is a plain old black hands free.... since my mom didn't want to pass hers to me.

Than we split again, coz mom had to bring bro to the optical, and Amanda & I decided to go this bookshop called 'Czip Lee', mom said they sell this cute small tiny whinny wooden clothes pags with flowers, ginger bread man & etc on it.... when to check it out and they did have it.. (sori no pictures)... Anyway this place is a freaking heaven for arts & crafts lover like me... you can basically get nice emboss paper, photo albums, colored papers and wrapping papers... i was basically 'WOW', now i know where to go and get stuffs. It's an extra- ordinary bookshop. By the way after being so oppress, and knowing i can't afford things (when i was a child)... i decided to bring my child like behaviour out and bought this:-

RM 69.90 - From Czip Lee, Bangsar

It's so cute... and it's quite reasonable, since you have so many of this crafty paper puncture, is that how you called it.... anyway i love it, and would soon use it for my arts & crafts stuff.

So there's about it for today... had a nice shopping day and all... now it's time to spend wisely and not spent excessively. Ciou.....

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