Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 - New Beginning

Wow.... blogging seems to be getting into me, i'm like putting 4 posts in a day, i guess that's what happen, when your full of inspiration.

Alright, anyways let continue to my story on 2008. Well basically nothing interesting really happen, I didn't go out for new year... though i'm just 21 + this year, somehow i'm beggining to mellow down, and not go all crazy and go to clubs and 'tani' and dance till the sun rises. I guess when a new year comes, and your able to live through it, somehow we need to give credits to God almighty, for giving us another year to live. Don't worry i'm not trying to preach and be all saintly, but i guess it's good to be grateful.. and it's good to say 'thank you' all the time.

So time went by.... Breakthru actually had a break for about a month, so we started our practice on January. Clare, Alistair and i than decided that we should do a new portfolio for our dance team. The whole month, we were trying to think, on where we were going to have our photo shoot. We got everything plan out, we even got Darshan, a friend of ours to have our pictures taken. But the things we went through, i guess no one could ever explain...., but if you guys wanna know what we went through and how our pictures actually turn out, you can check it out at .

Now that, that's settle.... soon Chinese New Year came... took leave on Chinese New Year Eve, coz if i didn't i think my 'popo' will grumble at me, anyway we didn't have the normal 'pot luck' reunion dinner tradition, my father decided to have it in a chinese restaurant. I guess Chinese Restaurants really make their income out of festive seasons or something. So my uncles, aunties, cousins all came over for the dinner... they than decided to come over to my house as always... so this time around they basically stay only till 12am.

The next day i had to wake up and wish both my Grandma and Dad ' Happy Chinese New Year'... if not i'll be seeing 7 long yard faces for the next 24 hours... Dad didn't give the same amount to me as my sibling, his reason was because i'm working... anyway who bothers... got my 'and pau' (red packet), lots of food and happiness.

So that's just the start of 2008, i don't know what else God has plan out for me... life's a roller coaster... anything can happen, at any time. Anyway i'm just waiting for 'HIM' to lead me all the way. Mean while since it's the start of the year, so currently Breakthru is just concentrating in choreographing new dance steps, hopefully we'll get to do an event starting March. Ciou.....



Adam said...

Hi darling, i love the way, you said, we all should be thankful to Almighty God.

I'm happy that you're a person that believes in God, and is alway aware of His majesty and his Greatness, as He is our creator.

I hope your year goes well with your group. I know you've been working very hard to earn a living, and also balancing your work and dance group, for the pass year. I hope this year you get more projects and more dance requests.

I love you and take care.

Melissa Mah said...

Thanks for supporting and showing me all the love da... I love you too