Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flee Market Shopping @ Curve!!!!

This is actually kinda late, but coming from me a person who's so tied up with 9-5 job, really have no other way to update my blog, but to do it on weekends.

So what actually happen, was the day after my birthday, which was the 3rd of May. I decided to go for shopping, since payday was few days back. Decided to call Aiwei again to come go have some shopping spree with me at Curve. First we were thinking whether to check out the sale in Bangsar Shopping Centre, but somehow Miss Lil Aiwei bump into a blog the night before, and it said that all the nice stuff has already gone. So next idea, is to go to Curve since my intention is to buy a lot of nice stuff for a small amount of price.

Left at about 2pm, almost reaching the toll, suddenlly Amanda (my lil sister) told me, your purse is not in the handbag.... "WHAT!!!!", imagine driving for 15 minutes without a driving license 'siou', luckily no police stop me. Quickly head to the nearest Petronas to pump petrol, than head to Miss Lil Aiwei's house to fetch her.. than headed back home.

When everything settle, by the time we reached Curve it's already 3pm, and the weather was cloudy, thank God it was only a drizzle than later it was just a nice cloudy sky. So we shop and shop and shop.... i was so happy.. Amanda's happy... Miss Lil Aiwei, i think she's happy coz she got this nice red giraffe chain, but sorry no picture ah. Had our lunch only at 5pm... than walk around IKANO, got myself a pair of sandals, since my current pair that i have, the sole is totally gone... gotta go fix it up... by the time reach home it was already 8.30pm. But i enjoyed myself a lot... i really did...

Cherry studs for RM 3.00

4 pair of flower clips for RM 10.00

Colourful Pebbel Necklace for RM 10.00


aiwei said...

of course i had fun!
lets see...
i bought the giraffe pendant, 2 cute earrings(rmb the rose and tortoise haha) and the smurf top!!

so... ur next pay will be out pretty soon rightt??
and i'll be having my hols at that time..
*winks winks*

eh you got back ur line dy anot?
wana sms you, but scared i'll be wasting my money later pulak!
is the sleep over on??!?
excited ni haha..

aiwei said...

ohya forgotten to tell you..
i've a pendant and earrings exactly like the cherry earrings you bought!
diff color tho, and my earrings are dangling ones..
we shud wear it together one day!
main matching matching hahah!

love the necklace you bought too!
too bad i was on a 'self-control' mode, so i decided not to get it sighhh :/

have you wear your top yet??!
wear it the next time we go out yar!
me wanna seeeee :D

Melissa Mah said...

Wah this is the first time i'm having like more than one comment from you on my post, and this time it's even long than all i ever received... anyway don't know whether the sleep over is on or not... 2nd thing is i'll try to wear the blouse i bought someday when we go out ok...

aiwei said...

cos i forgotten to write about it in the first comment maa..
longer ey?
i'm a bit long winded u see.. heheheh..
no sleep oveeeeeeeeerr??
does it mean ur going to the land of asam laksa?
wat abt the bijou bazaar? if you wun be ard means we cant go..
and i cant see ur performance too..
hmmm :/

Clare Chiara said...

OMG!!! to the both of U!!!!!!!!!! Shopping x ajak!!!!!!! Emo like hell moment!

Melissa Mah said...

How to ajak when your all the way in Ipoh adi... next time i ajaklah... aiyo..