Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kak Nurul's Wedding

Two weeks after Yvonne got married, it was time for Kak Nurul’s turn to get married. Anyway this post I don’t want to mention much, I’ll let the pictures tell the whole story. All I know is my lovely ‘Da’ had to bail out on me few days before, wanna know why coz he prefers going to Kelantan rather than accompanying me for my colleagues wedding. Was so upset with his decision… till now oso didn’t make up for it *blek*

Anyway at last I had to go with a whole ‘jing bang’ family of mine in my lil red Ferrari. At least got someone to follow lah, some more first time drive so far wor…. So proud of myself… me being and ‘Independent Women’… hahaha…. Ok don’t want to talk crap anymore… time to shine my pictures….

Kak Nurul in her Lovely Gown

She being busy as a bride

Hui Kun, Wei Leng, Teoh & Hendrick feasting on the food

Yeah, at long lost the bride groom is here. He can really pull of a pink Baju Melayu

Bersanding time

The main table

CMA family & The newlyweds

So that’s about it, more updates coming in a moment…


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