Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 22nd Birthday

So yes, i know this is kinda late and everything, but yes my birthday was on the 2nd of May (Friday) and guess what mom's in Bandung, and had a small misunderstanding the night before with 'da'. Well no worries everything settled before i went off to sleep and got up with a swollen eyes to work... it's horrible.

Went to work.. the first thing i saw was a huge gift on my table, see, see Cynthia (my senior manager) gave me a present. Than Kak Nurul was the first to wish me "Happy Birthday" on that very day... so started off the day as per normal.. than suddenlly Kak Nurul ask me to go over her place and she took out a gift... This lovely amber coloured necklace and also a wallet with the word Anna Sui over it haha... Anyway thanks to my whole dept for taking such a big effort to make my day a good one.

Than i got a call from 'da' and guess what i was so sad to hear that we actually couldn't celebrate my birthday together, coz he had been postponing the trip to Ipoh & Penang to meet his aunties... so i couldn't help it, i wish i could ask him to stay with me, but no coz 'blood is obviously thicker than water', what can i say about that. Family always come first.. so fine, was so sad that i had tears running down my face.

Anyway don't want to tell so detail, all i know 2 hours before 5.30pm... Quickly had a quick chat with my Lil Miss Aiwei.. and than sms Clare to tell her that i won't be celebrating my birthday, and guess what this wonderful friend of mine did... she planned out everything for the night. So yeah basically i don't need to blog here about what happen on that night as Ms. Lil Aiwei and Clare has already covered on the story... you can go check out their blog at my favourite blog links.

In the mean time i shall entertain all of you with the edited pictures, taken by my faithfull EOS 400D camera, of all the gifts that i've gotten for my birthday... have fun...

The present from the Monthly Piggy Bank in the Office

Earrings from Suzanne aka my Manager

The Special momento all the way from Bandung - From MUM ^_^

*P.S: 'Da' you still owe me a dinner and a gift, and yes i have thick skin, you better make up
to it fast... or was last night's dinner 'the dinner'? hmmm...


aiwei said...

finally an update!
i like the pendant and the pen!
hmmm is the name printed or engraved on the pen?

Clare Chiara said...

Very funny read me and Ai Wei's blog for further details it seems.. Ha ha.. wat la u women..

Melissa Mah said...

Aiwei:It was not engraved it's more like written or something.. but it's something nice though. And for your comments, i now remembered that i forgot to take a picture of the chain you gave me, so going to work that out this weekend.

Well basically both of you were talking about it, so yeah, it's just an excuse for me to spread the word that Miss Lil Aiwei and Clare have their own blog... so free publicity for you... hhahahaha

aiwei said...

well it's still nice cos it has ur name on it! pretty cool..
ohyeah! my chain, i didn't notice it was missing frm ur post also hahah..
blur me..
i shall emo now cos u didnt take a picture of it!
HMPH >:(

aiwei said...

eh? my blog private one lah..
dunnit publicity..
only people whom i invited will be able to read it..

Melissa Mah said...

Forgot that your blog is private... hahaha... Anyway, don't need to get all emo, coz i've taken adi ok.. just haven't edited yet...

Liam Nuttell said...

Hey Mel,

Good idea of getting publicity that way. Hah!

ps: I'm linking your blog to mine.