Monday, November 2, 2015

*Fashion Finds: Tops Muslimah

Assallamualaikum lovelies,

Hi and welcome to my blog if this is the first time you're coming across my blog. I haven't been updating lately due to personal reasons at home, i know i'm guilty of neglecting this faithful blog of mine. Will share about that with you guys one day In Shaa Allah.

Anyway's i don't normally write fashion, but i somehow felt like sharing with you lovelies on my taste of fashion. My current style is currently simple, casual, easy, breastfeeding friendly and wuduk/ablution friendly. Yes i'm very mommy/aunty in that kinda way, i love wearing a simple blouse with pants or long skirts. Since i rarely go out, which most of the time it's only on the weekends when buying groceries. My wardrobe is practically limited and in rotating order. And not forgetting that 95 % of the clothes i owned are ironed free, meaning it doesn't require ironing at all, just wear, wash, hang to dry and that's all. 

So back to the topic, i normally browse for muslimah clothing online and while browsing i notice that there's been a certain trend and demand towards trendy tops muslimah collection. It's practically making a huge comeback in the local fashion arena in Malaysia. This new trend practically started few years back (which i was aware of) and it's making its very own way among local fashion lover, or to be exact better known as hijabista.

Muslimah clothing has been the most popular choice among customer this days and it's been on high demand not only for normal retail but also for online Muslimah fashion boutique.

Normally when Muslimah clothing comes to mind, the first thing that crosses your mind is something fully covered, mundane and not fashionable at all. But surprise, surprise the current Muslimah trend is very easy to mix and style, and you can basically look very fashionable like others. And at the same time it has all the criteria in adhering to the basic guideline on how to dress modestly as a Muslim woman. There are many ways of adopting a little creativity while dressing up without crossing the line, all we ladies need is just a basic knowledge on simple and workable Muslimah clothing fashion tips, and it doesn't even cost much either.

You can simply google them on the internet and in between you might stumble on some online Muslimah boutique along the way (that's how i come accross most of them). To be honest i have my own list of favourite boutiques and the best boutique Muslimah online in Malaysia should have a wide selection of trendy tops Muslimah collection.

There are also many online Muslimah fashion boutique in Malaysia on the internet that offers amazing selection of fashionable Muslimah top collection that would be great in creating a stunning outfit for the perfect night or if you have any functions where you need to dress up fashionably but at the same time dressing modestly.

Dressing fashionably and modestly doesn't require you to splurge much if you know where to get them, as most of the Muslimah top collection online offers the best price with amazing discounts offered online.

So i guess that's all the sharing i have for now in fashion, and In Shaa Allah i hope to come up with another blog post sometime soon, till than take care lovelies.... ^_^ 

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